Dressed in Matching Guides for Girls


Perhaps you are a fashionista, so you must be always following all kinds of fashion show such as London fashion week, New York fashion week and Milan fashion week this year? Have you watched one of them?

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To be honest, so much young girls seek for the newest trends that they ignore what is really fit for them. Actually looking for a suitable style for ourselves is far more important than follow dazzling fashion show. Whereas most of us can not own formal slim figure as fashion models. If you are someone who likes some loose and comfortable closes and even want to be dressed casually and comfortably like bath towel, I think pajamas street looking is a good choice for you. Last year in some fashion week many well-known stars try pajamas street shooting, which brought some new fashion inspiration for designers and photographers.

 bath towel bath towel

Confident as you are, I think finding a fit style is not too difficult for you. But if you have choice of difficulty, you can watch pop stars’ dressing collocations. Take Marc Jacobs for example, she had ever worn loose fitting garments with a big chiffon T-shirt and floral pattern pants. As a whole, she appeared attractive as usual.Emilia Clarke also had been dressed with pajamas style, appearing gorgeously under the flashlight. So an conclusion can be made that suede tunics is not the best choice at anytime,especially for micro-fat girls.

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Hair style is also quite important for girls. If you are a sweet girl with long hair, you can make full use of your hair to match your dressing. French braid is a good choice for you and it is the most popular trend around the world. Of course hair care is a bit troublesome especially hair washing.At this moment, it is a key point to dry your hair with cute shower caps.

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