Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review


The Dreame T20 wireless vacuum cleaner is a lightweight 2-in-1 wireless vacuum cleaner that comes with several accessories and has a long service life. But is it worth the price? Let’s find out!

Dreame T20

The Design

This is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner so you can use it as an upright stick or as a portable handheld device. It has a traditional spiral brush cleaning head and assorted attachments.
With dimensions of 126.5 x 25.5 cm, the pacifier can be used without problems for people up to 1.95 m (6 ft 4 ) (here again very large, my sister is 2 years old) )) Can also be used) weight 2, 7 kg completely removed (including suction tube and floor nozzle) does not reduce handling comfort.

Dreame T20

Controls and Modes

The big advantage is that the vacuum cleaner is cordless. There is nothing wrong with vacuuming, which is a very positive result. The job is very simple. The vacuum cleaner is turned on by a gun button that must not be kept pressed. However, it is positioned in such a way that holding down this button is natural and does not prevent us from holding it at all times during the vacuum.
The vacuum cleaner has a very subtle color appearance and also looks of high quality. The main element of the display is the selection of the vacuum mode. There are 4 modes: Eco, Auto, Medium, and Turbo. However, the automatic mode is only available with a power connection. For passive, this is the medium mode, not the automatic mode.

Eco mode is the weakest and is perfect for vacuuming hard floors, but it also collects dirt from tougher carpets. Turbo mode affords complete power and sucks effectively. However, weighing on these benefits is a weaker persistence which we will discuss below. Auto is an intelligent mode that can determine the suction power regardless of the surface. The regime is speaking for itself.

Vaccum quality and Suction Power

The Dreame T20 is backed up with a technologically advanced and powerful motor that can develop up to 125 rpm and suction power of 25 Pa. Turbo mode is the most powerful mode with a full 150 AW suction power.
The difference with conventional vacuum cleaners is quite large. Because classic vacuum cleaners only use suction power in the form of air suction up and down. Ring vacuum cleaners like the Dreame T20 usually possess weaker suction power, are equipped with a rotating cylinder.


It can effectively collect dirt and perfectly replace the weaker suction force. In fact, this is a huge benefit of a carpet vacuum cleaner. At first, we were worried that such a roller would scratch the floor, but the brush is very soft and won’t scratch anything.

Battery Life

The Dreame T20 vacuum cleaner received a replaceable battery with a capacity of 2700 mAh. The manufacturer specifies a lifetime of 70 minutes of charging time in save mode, 30 minutes in medium mode, and 8 minutes in turbo mode.



The Dreame T20 amazed us with its high-quality workmanship and high suction power. The lack of cables and a vacuum cleaner to pull in a row is a big plus. The best place to purchase this vacuum cleaner is at the Banggood 15th Anniversary which started August 25th and will end September 13th. During the Sale you can get up to 85% discount on purchases and purchase items at the lowest rate. Banggood is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

Dreame T20
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Dreame T20
Handheld cordless vacuum cleaners are a very helpful household gadget that is gaining popularity. There are so many of them available in the market today, but in this article, we will be reviewing the Dreame T20 cordless vacuum cleaner.

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