DIY A Wooden Suitcase


Do you like DIY? As for me, DIY has made my life more interesting, I can DIY things which makes me feel special and also, I enjoy the process. Recently, I have a fascination with suitcase, especially wooden suitcase.

art paint Even though wooden suitcase is heavy to carry, it has its own excellent features. This kind of suitcase is classic and durable. Moreover, every wooden suitcase is unparalleled for they are made from different trees, they own different tree lines. Hence, wooden suitcase is vintage and irreplaceable.

art paint

art paint

art paint So, I collect some ways and combine the information I get to make my own style little wooden suitcase. Here comes the steps, I used 1/4 inch plywood for the outer skin of the case, and strips of 3/4 inch plywood for the inner supporting framework. The 1/4 inch plywood was flooring underlayment scraps that I got out of a dumpster of a flooring business. The hinges and catches came from an old dining table that I refinished a while ago that had a broken butterfly-style leaf. Most of stuff could purchase at store or online, too.

Case Chest Draw Lock

Case Chest Draw LockAside from the 3/4 inch plywood was left over from another project, the only things I had to buy were the case chest draw lock, suitcase handle and other accessories. Actually, case chest draw lock always plays secure and decorated parts of a suitcase. Strong and delicate case locks show classic and retro of a wooden suitcase.

Case Chest Draw LockWhen all the accessories are assembled, there is one last thing you need to do – paint your wooden suitcase. It is also the fun part of DIY. To let your little suitcase belong to you, you can paint anything or any style you like on the suitcase. If you have no idea, you could refer to the art paint online, some video clips would show how to paint easy thing.

art paint

art paint

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