Diverter Valves for Needs


In your garden or your bathroom, there are some small accessories or hardware you would need. And the diverter valve might be the small hardware you have been looking for. If you are interested in these, we would love to show you this post, which will show you different kinds of diverter valve that you need.

Shower Diverter Switch Valve

G1/2″ Bathroom Angle Valve For Shower Head Water Separator Shower Diverter Switch Valve

Obviously, this one is a three way shower head diverter. Universal showering component- 3 way diverter. Shower head diverter valve – 1/2″ three ways (1 in 2 out). If you want this one, you could get more information from the link down below.

Check Here: Shower Diverter Switch Valve

4 Water Diverter Device

G3/4 12V PP Normally Closed Type Solenoid Valve Water Diverter Device

This is made of PP material and it is water proof, damp-proof, temperature resistance,insulation and good thermolysis. And its rated power is about 5W, voltage is about 12V DC, and the port size is about G3/4.

Check Here: G3/4 Water Diverter Device

three way diverter valve

KCASA™ Copper Double Control Switch Water Knockout Trap Three Way Angle Valve Bath Water Diverter

KCASA provides you amazing products and here is the diverter valve of high quality that you might love to have.

Check Here: Three Way Diverter Valve

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