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Since the last sale promotion, Digoo has sensed the passionate love of all you guy toward us. This time Digoo is gonna to give you a big promotion to you again, letting you continue to enjoy the big Digoo sale promotion carnival. This sale promotion day will start from July 19th to July 21st. And in the promotion day, we will provide you with amazing coupons and new products at unbeatable price. And you can get the coupon now. If you miss the promotion day, do worry because the coupon will not expire until July 28th. So now, clink the link to join our promotion carnival.

Digoo Promotion: https://www.banggood.com/brands-DIGOO-b-18-ac.html


 Apply Rules of Coupons:

  1. Instruction for use:

Over $80, get 10% off

Over $59, get 8% off

Over $30, get 5% off

  1. You can get and use the coupon between 19 Jul 2017 and 28 Jul 2017
  2. Coupons are not valid for Brand Deals and New Arrivals Products.


New Products

Now, we are here to share the new products with you, which you will find wonderful and amazing.

  1. Digoo DG-M1Z

This time Digoo released a wonderful IP Camera which is more high-end than other IP Camera before. With compact design, Digoo DG-M1Z is equipped with comparable advantages o5.0 MP lens achieves the highest end level among this industry, allow you to have a luxury visual experience of 1080p. 2.0 MP Sensor promises you a good image quality, letting you see the most clear image. 11pcs powerful IR LED of the second generation IR fixed the bugs of incapability of opening IR LED at light. 2.8mm Super Wide Angle Lens allows you to detect the motion of your whole house, making nothing hide before the lens even little insects. Such a IP camera with comparable advantages deserve your option.

1.Digoo DG-M1Z IP Camera

  1. Digoo DG-PPT1

Do you think it is difficult to train your dog to be polite? But with the Digoo DG-PPT1, you may find it easier. Digoo DG-PPT1 is a smart dog trainer, by which you can easily train your dog not to rummage in bins , bark at people and do other uncivilized behaviors. And it is designed with waterproof function with rubber cover, so you can also use it even when you take your fur friend to swim. With it you may find it easy to train your dog. It deserves your choice.

2.Digoo DG-PPT1

  1. Digoo DG-TF111

Digoo DG-TF111 make electrical fan smarter and cooler. It can be connected with your APP control in your mobile phone to realize bluetooth remote control so that you can control it with your mobile phone. More importantly, fan can display the time and temperature through simple bluetooth connection operation and with the time memory function it does not need to be adjusted every time so it is very convenient for next time use.And what make it cool is that with LED color display, it can display a variety of colorful adjustable message, which looks so amazing. You worth it.

Digoo DG-TF111


What is Digoo?

Digoo is devoted to the production of high quality products including smart home products, home appliances, and home lightings and so on. All the time, Digoo has been keeping moving forward with its efforts and endless creativity to develop the better goods for you, with our goal to make life much better, much easier and much more convenient. Now, we are trying to open up a limitless world of powerful possibility. So, let’s to make it happen with Digoo.



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