Try The Amazing DIGOO DG-TH 8788 Digital Wall Clock from Banggood


Have you tried the latest wall clock that is designed with the top quality features? Getting a top class wall clock is not an easy task. The market currently offers large samples of varieties that make it a daunting experience to choose the best! But did you know that the amazing digital wall clock from Banggood, the DIGOO DG-TH8788 is the better choice that serves many purposes including the weather and also other environmental issues? It’s the best entity from Banggood. Its leading top features are as follows:

Digital Wall Clock


Digital wall clock has an amazing dynamic weather display and also the moon phase display feature that gives it a spectacular display. The upgraded LCD display with well-arranged colourful digits makes it easier to check the time, the date, the temperature and the humidity. It also comes with the six levels of the weather forecast. You can get the forecast such as the sunny day, the stormy day and also the cloudy day. It’s the top-quality design that makes your wall amazing.

Digital Wall Clock

The amazing digital control wall clock can be controlled by the voice, and that’s why clapping of hands can perform a better task. It can serve to lighten up your screen. Interestingly, this latest digital wall clock can serve to even charge your cell phone efficiently following its amazing USB port that makes the charging convenient.

Digital Wall Clock

The amazing digital wall clock from Banggood also plays a role to offer you the best environmental comfort all day all the tie since it has an indicator that can give a maximum or the minimum alarm. Be sure not to have weather surprises with this amazing digital wall clock. Get the perfect dressing code and be sure to have the right types of clothes with the relevant weather conditions. All these functions are what the amazing digital wall clock is capable of.

Digital wall clock also has a dual alarm clock,  and that’s why you are entitled to set different alarm according to your needs. It’s a wireless weather station that can use a snooze function every time you set your alarm. More specifications about the amazing wall clock can be available in the user manual such as the temperature specifications, tolerance to humidity and also the battery specifications.

Digital Wall Clock


The digital wall clock has a lot of advantages such as environmental comforts, efficiency, clarity and also the best timekeeper. Another relevant significance that we get out of this amazing wall clock is the best abilities to display the temperature, humidity and also the weather situations!


The only disadvantage that can be so common with amazing digital wall cock is the inaccuracy in the weather displays. Sometimes it gets defective, and you get a sunny day forecast when it could have been a rainy day focus. All these are signs of faulty readings and the warranty period plays a role here. You can get a replacement or even a refund depending on your wish,

Digital Wall Clock

To conclude, the amazing digital wall clock is worth testing. Its superior technology that can easily be available at the most affordable prices. Get it now from Banggood.

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