Difference between Bluetooth Trackers and GPS Trackers


In this age, almost every device can be tracked to its exact location mainly through the use of GPS tracking systems. Tracking systems such as GPS tracking systems are employed by haulage companies to keep an eye on the driver while they are on the road. Vehicle tracking is used by individuals as a protection measure in case one’s car is stolen.


Within this world of tracking, there are a lot of trackers that are on the market, and Bluetooth trackers have been creating a buzz recently; however, people seem to get it all twisted between Bluetooth trackers and GPS trackers.


So in this article, we are going to break down this puzzle and expose the difference between these two.

Bluetooth Tracker

What are Bluetooth Trackers?

Bluetooth trackers are meant to be used by people who tend to forget where they put things. They are just small devices that can be synced with a phone which then displays the location. These small tiny devices can be attached to your car keys, your dog/cat, or anything that you fear misplacing.


One major drawback of Bluetooth devices is their range of operation. They can work very well within a 30-40 meter radius, anything other than that you will be out of luck.


With that said you can see that Bluetooth trackers are designed to locate priced possessions that are within close proximity. This is why they are mainly marketed, to people who fear to lose their keys, or a pet wondering off from their premises. Therefore, this is why the Bluetooth tracker’s price range varies from $ 10-35.



  • Very easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Accurate in tracking over short distances and indoors



  • Useless over long distances



GPS Trackers are the big brother of Bluetooth trackers. They are much bulkier and much more powerful than Bluetooth trackers. The uses of GPS trackers is extensive, they can be used to get emergency road assistance with just a click of a button. In the event of one’s car gets stolen, a GPS tracker can pinpoint the exact position of the car no matter where it is on the planet.

Bluetooth Tracker

GPS trackers aren’t just limited to long-range tracking, but they can also do the same thing that Bluetooth trackers do. They can track your pet if it wanders off from your home. You can also track down friends and family in events that are too crowded for you to use visuals to locate them.



  • Not limited with distance
  • Can track anywhere
  • Can be used for security responses
  • Easy to use
  • Due to the ability to track over long distances it enables entities to maintain control over assets.



  • Expensive when compared to the Bluetooth trackers
  • Bulky


In conclusion

Both these trackers have their own pocket that they fit perfectly; the Bluetooth trackers will be perfect if it’s just for locating keys or tracking your dog or pet indoors or over short distances. There is no need to buy an expensive GPS tracker for that. However, if you want to track something over long distances, you will be crazy to use a Bluetooth tracker. GPS trackers are the all-rounder winner of this comparison, but the Bluetooth tracker does an excellent job over short distances. More Bluetooth trackers are available for you on Banggood. If you go to buy one of them on the Banggood APP, a great discount is given to you,

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