Dibea SC4588 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner- The Complete Review


Modern vacuums have come a long way from the old, bulky, cumbersome machines. These lightweight machines are perfect for cleaning your house with very little effort and in no time. They incorporate features like LED light to see dust, advance cyclone filtration features to remove allergies from the air. When buying a good vacuum in a one-time investment, therefore choosing the right one is imperative. Opt for a vacuum that is light-weight, easy to assemble, perfect for carpet and floor and is efficient. One good example is Dibea SC4588 2-in 1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner.


Why choose Dibea SC4588

Being skeptic by nature, choosing Dibea SC4588 was a big decision. However, after using it day in day out, I have to agree that it provides better suction and last longer than other vacuums. Its onboard crevice tool makes it possible for you to remove dust even in the tightest spaces in your house. One of the most attracting features is its ability to use it without the extension tube.


Unlike other vacuums that perform well on the certain type of floors but fail on other, Dibea SC4588 vacuum cleaner ensures easy floor cleaning regardless of the floor type. Its outstanding suction abilities and 120 Swivel Nozzle allows you to enjoy the versatility. You can clean your rug, ceramic tiles, wooden floor, and carpet with it. Since some carpets are sensitive, using high-level suction can cause damage, thus it allows you to customize the suction level. To ensure impeccable cleaning and to keep the air clean, the Dibea smart vacuum cleaner comes with inbuilt LED lamp and cyclone filtration feature, which means that it can remove the small particles in the air that leads to allergies are left untouched by most vacuums.


Despite being lightweight and handy, it has a large dust holder. You don’t have to clear the dustbag every now and then. All you need to do is press one button to remove the dust holder and the filter. This is something impressive, as other vacuums require set of steps to remove and clean the dust holder.


Its 15kpa vacuum suction removes everything that comes in its way including littler, drywall scraps, and sawdust. The ergonomic handle makes it very easy for you to clean under and around the furniture. The LED lamp makes it easy to clean the dark unseen areas. All and all, the 4.6lb vacuum is one of the best optional tools for flawless cleaning and spotless floors.


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