Dibea C17 vs. PUPPYOO WP511


The vacuum cleaner is one of the most revolutionary technological advancements when it comes to household products. Sweeping is greatly more time and energy consuming without the same quality of work. There have not been many upgrades to the invention of the vacuum cleaner until recently. Now devices are more powerful, less cumbersome, and more energy efficient than ever. Today we will compare two such vacuums; The DibeaC17 and the Puppyoo WP511. Which is the best choice for cleaning today?

Dibea C17


The DibeaC17 is a very sleek, ultra-thin cordless vacuum. Its design is incredibly versatile. The vacuum head is able to swivel up to 120 degrees, making it ideal for cleaning in tight spaces.  Coming with a 2-in-1 design, Dibea C17 can convert to a handheld “dustbuster” style of vacuum. It is very sleek and modern looking while maintaining versatility. It is ideal for carpet, rugs, tiles, or hardwood floors.


The housing unit of the DibeaC17 is ultra-easy to clean with its one button waste disposal. It is also conveniently storable with its easy to use a docking station. The charging time at its docking station is around four to five hours and results in a battery life of thirty to forty-five minutes. The unit has two power settings, low and high which can be used depending on what you can to clean, to conserve energy.


Cost wise, the DibeaC17 is very reasonable at $129.00 and comes with either a European or American plug setting. The entire unit weighs just over five pounds and customers who have purchased it think highly of it.

Dibea C17

Puppyoo WP511

The Puppyoo WP511 is a very tall but thin cordless vacuum in direct competition with the DibeaC17. The design is sleek and modern but not very versatile. Like traditional vacuums the head faces only one direction, making cleaning in tight spots somewhat difficult. To compensate the Puppyoo WP511 comes with L.E.D. lights in front just in case you need to vacuum in the complete darkness.


The Puppyoo WP511 has a handheld unit built into the base of the vacuum. It is detachable and functions as a separate handheld vacuum but at the sacrifice of battery life. The unit requires five hours of charging time and has a battery life of either sixteen minutes or thirty minutes, depending on which power setting you choose. The vacuum is able to deliver both high power and low power for different scenarios, but it is hard to imagine high power getting much done in only sixteen minutes.


This cordless vacuum is in a slightly higher price range at $198.00 and seems disadvantaged from the DibeaC17 in several ways. It is also more difficult to clean and not as highly reviewed as competing models. Additionally, it only comes with a European plug and is not fit for the American market.

Dibea C17

Bottom line

In summation, both models deliver the same amount of power and are good for cleaning the same type of flooring. However, The DibeaC17 is the clear overall winner in regard to design, battery life, functionality, and price. This sleek little cordless vacuum is winning the hearts of house cleaners everywhere as a friendly must-have tool. For more discounts and more detailed information, please go to Banggood.

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