Dibea C17 or Dibea F6, Which is Better?


Most people all around the globe understand that cleanliness is next to godliness and they’re probably right. Anyway, to why we’re here. The two products we are about to review are helping to positively change the vacuum cleaning sector. These two products are the Dibea C17 and Dibea F6 vacuum cleaners. These items are the new age smart vacuum cleaner.

Dibea vacuum


General features and technical data show that the Dibea C17 is a slightly better alternative than the Dibea F6. Why? For starters, the Dibea C17, unlike the Dibea F6, has two levels of adjustable absorbency where one runs with about 7000 pa while the other runs at 4000 pa. The Dibea F6 has only one level absorbency which has a maximum suction power of about 5200 pa.

Dibea vacuum

The visual appearance of the Dibea C17 models look similar to that of the Dyson models, however, it leaves a little room for maneuver. The C17 weighs in at around 3.2 kilograms and is considerably heavier than the C6 which weighs in at about 2.1 kilograms. Also, with the Dibea C17 smart vacuum cleaner, you can expect higher quality processing compared to its plastic built F6 counterpart.

Dibea vacuum

The Dibea C17 has a wall mount feature included to it which allows you to place the teat at different points without having to worry about it tipping over. But, the additional handle found on the intake manifold of the Dibea F6 cleaner is not there in the C17 model. The C17 offers you the chance of using the hand-held vacuum cleaner as a cordless vacuum cleaner. All you’ll be required to do is to be removing the suction cube and changing the attachments whenever you want to make the change. The vacuum cleaner is ready for use by simply attaching the brushes and nozzles to its suction pipe.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

The Dibea C17 cleaner is a versatile two in one handheld vacuum with a cleaning head that has swivel capabilities and can almost fold flat in order for it to effectively clean under furniture and the like. However, the F6 model also has two in one versatility with a pivoting cleaning head. The bristles found on it are soft so as to prevent it from scratching hardwood.



All in all, both these products are excellent smart vacuum cleaners and are ideal for those of you that want portable, easy to use cleaners. However, C17 edges out the F6 at being the better Dibea vacuum cleaner. It’s simply much better than its F6 plastic counterpart. Go on, get yours today.


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