A Deep Look Into Dibea C 17


Cleaning is an everyday task. With the aim of improving efficiency and speed of cleaning a number of cleaning machines have been developed. One of the most popular cleaning machines among people is the vacuum cleaner. Although this is the case many owners do not get value for their money. To get value for money you must look at convenience, speed, and durability. With this in mind, Dibea C 17 is very suitable for you. It is rated the best if not among the best. The following are the features that make it the most convenient vacuum cleaner;

Dibea vacuum

1.Long Battery life

To ensure that you are always set to do the cleaning, Dibea C17 comes with a 2200mAh battery. This Li-Ion battery accommodates 2 operating modes: the Eco-mode and fade-free power. While using the Eco mode you can enjoy up to 40 minutes of non-stop cleaning. The fade-free power mode operates for 25 minutes.

2.Swivel nozzle

Reaching all corners around the house can be tough. This is especially when using a vacuum cleaner. There is a lot of struggles associated with reaching small corners. With the swivel nozzle, you can just adjust to the appropriate side. The nozzle allows 120° rotation.

Dibea vacuum

3.Suction Modes

You also get the chance to choose your cleaning speed. The rate of cleaning also helps to save energy. To do this are two modes. You can opt to clean with the 4000 pa speed mode or much faster with a 7000 pa premium rate. These two suction modes ensure you control your cleaning speed.

Dibea vacuum

4.Durability with the Cyclonic Filtration

To ensure that your vacuum cleaner lasts for a longer time is the cyclonic system. This system ensures that the dust is kept away from the motor system. This, therefore, ensures the suction is kept in good condition and kept powerfully.

5.Powerful suction system

It has the best suction that facilitates smooth cleaning experience along floors. With this suction, you can clean your carpet, rug, sofa crevice and ceiling at ease. To also ensure smooth cleaning along all surfaces is a motorhead that is direct drive. This helps clean ground in dirt.


6.Cordless and bagless

Cleaning can prove difficult with cords and bags attached to the cleaner. This acts as a limit to parts of the house you can clean. However, this is not the case with this Dibea vacuum cleaner which is cordless and bagless.


7.2-in-1 Function

This vacuum cleaner is versatile. With one click on the switch, you can adjust to the handheld vacuum option. It is also fitted with a brush and crevice tool. With this tools in place, you can clean stairs, upholstery and your car at convenience.

Dibea vacuum

Apart from that, the Dibea C 17 is noiseless. Another feature is a click empty button and a wall charging bracket system. This vacuum cleaner is a one in all system. Enjoy an all-around house cleaning time with this amazing vacuum cleaner. Don’t just buy a vacuum cleaner get value for money with the Debia C 17.


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