Decorating with Chevron Pattern


The geometric pattern craze is sweeping all over the world. Nowadays, as those patterns have been applied to many clothing and decorations, it’s a pity to miss them. Those patterns should be used as decorations to beautify your house which is drab. I’m not going to discuss the stripes or polka dots with you today, because there are few decorations with chevron pattern that I wanna show you.

bedding sets

Do you think that your sofa or bedding is too drab? To solve this problem, we may have to buy some throw pillows with patterns. You should try some pillows in contrasting colors, if you attempt to make your room look bustling.

bedding sets

Designing your kid’s room is always a difficulty, and many parents may be confused that how to make their kids’ rooms more adorable. In view of that, I would suggest you wallpaper their room with chevron pattern as wall decor. The wall with chevron in peachpuff and light coral is matching with aqua, which make the room more stunning. As for boys, the one with chevron in black and white would be more suitable. You must bear in mind that less is more, since it would be too fancy to decorate all the walls with chevron patterns.

bedding sets

There is no excuse for you to miss the chevron bedding set in your drab bedroom. To decorate your room by using chevron bedding is much easier than using the wallpaper. Compared with the those bedding sets in white and other bright colors, it’s apparent to find out that the colorful one is more eye-catching.

wall decor

Aside from those that I have shown above, some little gadgets may surprise you such as chevron towels to decorate your bathroom. The chevron lamp in red and white is also very cute. Moreover, there must be something with chevron patterns that could delight you without effort.

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