How to Decorate the Wall of Your Living Room?


The living room is one of the most useful parts of our home, this is where we entertain our visitors and so our family members bonding together on a daily basis. And what if your home has full of space that is plain and blank which is just waiting to get filled by artworks that is unique in style. Let me share you some tips on how to make a plain living room to life.

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1. Wallpapers

It is an artistic way to decorate the wall of your living room, its texture changes the ambiance of the whole place. Having a perfect wallpaper for your walls will catch the attention of your guests and they will find it interesting to look at.

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2. Small Objects

A bookshelf that is fixed to the wall is a very unique way of putting small objects together and can definitely draw attention. This idea also works on space that has decor on the wall and considers this as an addition to make it more attractive.

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3. Statement Paintings

Just like on a typical statement shirt, a statement painting will definitely draw everyone’s attention, especially to your guests. But you have to make sure there is a sense of fluidity and uninformed to other stuff placed on the living room.

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4. Photograph

Typical colored pictures are the most common to see hanging on the wall of your living room, why don’t you try to place a black and white picture that will make a vintage art.

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5. Leaning Objects

Be inspired by seeing different objects around that display a personal effect by wisely placing them against a blank wall in your living room. It is still best to use unique decoration rather than paying high valued decorations at all.

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6. Digital Wall Clock

Every living room has it, this is for you to keep updated on the time each day. Then I suggest looking for a digital wall clock that will be uninformed in your living room design. From the color to style, this way your living room will look very flawlessly decorated.

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The living room is the very important part of everyone’s home, so decorating it in a unique and artistic way will distinguish yours from others’. With the help of this article, you will surely get some ideas on how to decorate the wall of your living room.


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