How to Decorate a Garden for a Party With Lights?


There is nothing more wonderful than holding a party in a garden. You may see many beautiful party scenes which often happen in a garden when you see a movie. You may think it is so romantic when the actor expresses his love to the actress in such a romantic party. So today, I want to show you tips to achieve such a romantic party with lights.

decorative lights

Here are some awesome tips to decorate your garden with lights:

Lighting is one of the best ways that we can decorate our garden for a party, which offers great visibility and amazing colorful decorations. For example, you can make good use of the trees if you have a big tree in the garden. You can decorate the trees with hanging decorative lights and under the tree, you can set a table and put some flowers in the center of the table.

garden party decorations

In addition, decorating all the fences with string lights and some ribbons is also a good choice for you. It can light up your garden and provide you and your guest with a romantic feeling.

outdoor garden lights

If you have a pool or swimming pool in your garden, it is also a good thing for you to decorate your garden. Place some aromatherapy candles along the swimming pool and put some of them on the stairs just like in the picture.

To find a space in your garden which you can use it as a dance floor. Make good use of the trees you find around the space, you can decorate them with string lights. If they are not available, place some pillars on the space as the picture shows and decorate it with garden outdoor lights and string lights.

decorative lights

Lighting, as one of the best way to decorate a party, is available for you in many types. Therefore, you can use them to decorate your garden in many ways in addition to the tips given above. Here are some examples of garden party decorations.

  1. Paper lanterns

They are made of translucent brightly colored papers wrapped around a frame that contain lights or candle. You can use them to decorate the trees

garden party decorations

  1. Fairy lights

If you are looking to add a little bit of flair to your outdoor setup, fairy string lights will do just that.

decorative lights

3.DIY lighting:

DIY lighting is another way to decorate your outdoor space to give it an authentic feel. Here is some DIY decorative lighting you can make in the comfort of your house.

  1. Cotton light balls, making it is actually easy you need to do is tie a blown up balloon by using white glue mixed with water wrap cotton thread wait for it to dry for approximately 24 hours. Pop the balloon and carefully remove it then place led light inside it. You can hang it or place it on the ground.outdoor garden lights
  2. LED Light inside the frosted holder, that main advantage of led lights is that they change color and this can be a very useful feature.decorative lights
  3. Ping pong light, all you need is a ping pong ball and Christmas lights.

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