A cute bear bowl for your child to make them love eating


As for all the parents, to feed their child maybe one of the tough task because sometimes the children will not cooperate to have their 3 meals. And you can practice their ability to eat by themselves. With this cute bear mold, the children will be likely to eat the healthy food. I had always been told by my aunt whose child is 3 years-old  that it’s hard to make balance of child’s health. And you can DIY fresh, healthy and nutritious sushi-the easy way to make beautiful and cute sushi in your own home. This kind of rice ball maker can make your child love eating.

And after eating,the child will energetic like a tiger that we suggest a creative toy for you . This mat will create fabulous doodles and images to the amazement of your children. You don’t need any ink, just using the magic pen filled with water and create on the magic mat. Kids will be fascinated as the colorful images spring up, and slowly fade away so that kids can use the mat again and again. A perfect toy for your little kids!The little coloring pen just fills up with water which can’t hurt baby and then they draw a picture on the mat that has color variations throughout.Simple to use, you only need to fill the pen with water, and the drawings will magically disappear in few minutes ready to doodle again.It only creates colors on the drawing mat. Anyplace else, it does nothing obviously.The mat will be perfect to take on airplanes, car rides and anywhere.What’s more, the water drawing board can pretend the children drawing your white wall into dark and dirty to keep your home clean.






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