Creative Mugs to Bring You Good Mood from the Morning


We use our mug to drink water for daily needs, or we love to fill it with hot chocolate or coffee to relax ourselves. In view of that, mugs are important to our life somehow, which we might have been not noticed for a long time. So, have got tired of using your boring mug for each day? Okay, we have some creative ideas for you, and I bet that must be at least one of them could surprise you.

creative mugs

Firstly, the creative mugs are suitable for your kids and you at the same time, since it’s kind of the bricks that you could play with your kids. There are six colors of the mug you could choose, and I have already picked the red one for myself and the blue one for my boy. However, remember to buy the small brocks also, since the original LEGO blocks

color changing ceramic cup

Okay, the next one is the color changing ceramic cup, of which the pattern will change as pouring the hot water in it. It sounds a little bit magical, right? There is a bulb on the mug, and it turns to glow as long as you pour the hot water into the mug. You could enjoy this blub light up mug, as you are enjoying your hot tea or coffee. It’s such an incredible idea that you should accept.

color changing ceramic cup

The last one is my favorite, which is in the shape of 3D animal. I prefer the one with giraffe, since I love giraffe so much and the print on its body. I think that the giraffe is such kind of cute animal, which has big eyes and funny face at the same time. This one is also great for your kid, and nothing could be more educational than this one for them.

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