Crazy Toothpaste Dispenser: Lessons from the Pros


You might have noticed that storing your toothbrushes and toothpaste is quite tricky. Not only do they leave your bathroom looking disorganized, but they could be a health risk. Do you know that the bathroom if not well ventilated, can breed disease-causing microbes?

A toothpaste dispenser will help organize your toothbrushes and dispense the right proportion of toothpaste to prevent wastage. The market offers numerous versions of dispensers, but the Honana BX-421 stands out among the best.

 toothpaste dispenser

A review of Honana BX-421


When you order this toothpaste dispenser, the manufacturer packs a single automatic tooth dispenser, a free toothbrush holder and an instruction manual to help you install.

Features and benefits

Automatic dispensing mechanism

Honana BX-421 is an excellent way to manage your toothpaste. This toothpaste dispenser will automatically dispense the appropriate amount of toothpaste you require when you press the plate.

 toothpaste dispenser

Does not need batteries

Batteries should not be your worry. To dispense the paste from the Honana BX-421, you only need to press the inside plate, and there you’ll have your measured paste dispensed.

Toothbrush holder

The best part with this dispenser is that it comes with the toothbrush holders. You’d agree with me that organizing toothbrushes can be hectic. As such, they leave your bathroom appearing disorganized especially if you have many.

Buying Honana BX-421 toothpaste dispenser is a great relief since it comes with toothbrush holder. The toothbrush holder can hold up to 5 pieces of toothbrushes. Therefore, you can conclude that this is an excellent package to keep your bathroom tidy, clean and can tremendously save on space.

Besides, they are small-sized – Honana BX-421 has dimensions of (15.8x6x6cm) while the Toothbrush holder measures 11x5x3cm; hence do not take much space.

 toothpaste dispenser


The process of installation is pretty straightforward. The package is a wall mounted piece. Both the toothpaste dispenser and the toothbrush holder have adhesives that easily adsorb to the wall.


The packages are lightweight about 220g while the item itself is 185 g, which makes it possible to be held firmly by the adhesive. Remember, this high-quality product is made from light plastic, making them further light.

However, you must ensure that the adhesive sticks tightly to the wall before inserting your toothbrushes or toothpaste.

You can find them in either in white or rose-red colors.

 toothpaste dispenser

How to use

To install the package, you’ll to clean the Honana BX-421 and wall or tile to remove dust, tear the adhesive, and stick to the wall. The next step is to insert your toothpaste and manually squeeze the toothpaste tube if it is the first time. Lastly, place the toothbrush at the mouth point of the dispenser and press the inside plate until the toothpaste flow.


  •    Easy to install and use
  •    An excellent way to organize your bathroom
  •    It is small-sized hence does not take up much space
  •    Minimizes on wasting the toothpaste
  •    Does not require batteries to work


  •    Adhesive might not hold the package firmly


Honana BX-421 is undoubtedly the best way to organize your bathroom and prevent wastage of your toothpaste. Albeit it is small-sized, its importance has been vividly explained in this review.

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