A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Water Filter


Over 73 different kinds of pesticides have been found in U.S. groundwater and eventually will end up in your drinking water unless it’s adequately filtered. That’s why it’s important for you to choose the right filter that will serve your home and your health right. But how to know which filter is the best for you?

water filter for faucet

Here are the best tips for when it comes to choosing a filter:


1- Do your research

Different filters might filter different contaminants, everything from pesticides to arsenic and lead so it’s really important to know what is contaminating your water. This should always be your first step when choosing a filter. Water companies are required to provide consumer confidence reports every year with details about the water quality in your area, so the information should be available in your local newspaper or government website.

 water filter for faucet

2- How much water do you want to filter?

If you only want to filter some drinking water then maybe a pitcher filter is enough for you, but if you want all the water coming from your kitchen sink to be filtered then maybe you should choose a water filter for faucet. This filters attach directly to your faucet and filter everything that passes through.

water filter for faucet

3- Keeping your water flow rate

Some filters (like faucet filters) might slow down your water flow rate, although not all of them slow it down in a noticeable way. You should choose one that keeps a medium to fast flow rate.

water filter for faucet

4- Know when to change your filter

The best water filters will have some indicator to warn you when you need to change your filter in order to keep the water quality. It’s more reliable than keeping a date on your calendar and it’s a feature you should not neglect.

 water filter for faucet

5- Get a certified filter

It’s completely useless to have a water filter that says it filters everything that could possibly pollute your water if those claims aren’t verified and certified by a trusted agency. Always search for the filters you are looking to buy in a trusted database like the NSF International database or the Water Quality Association database to verify advertised information.

 water filter for faucet

6- Don’t forget about maintenance costs

It’s really easy to remember your budget when buying the filter but most people forget that it comes with maintenance costs. You should always find out what the cost of the replaceable filters are, how often you have to replace them and much it would cost to repair if needed.

water filter for faucet

This is the most important aspects of choosing a water filter. Some other points might be relevant, but if you keep this one in mind, you’ll never worry about your water quality again.

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