Comparison of XIAOMI and ORVIBO Socket


Often, as leaving the house, we forget to turn off the lights in a room. And it’s also common that, as returning home in the cold season, we have to wait until the heater makes the home warmer for a couple of minutes. What’s more, you might want to surprise your love one with the night light that change colors with a press on the button. To solve this problem, the smart socket will be the best solution. And here is the post for the people who are going to buy themselves a smart socket for the daily life.

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As far as I am concerned, it is quite important to have such a smart product in your house, since it is going to help you a lot. As there might be lots of you who are not sure about which to choose, and in this post, I am going to tell you the difference between the socket of XIAOMI and the ORVIBO WiWo-S20 power plug.

ORVIBO WiWo-S20 Power Plug

ORVIBO WiWo-S20 Power Plug


The XIAOMI sockets come in a small white box, and the socket will be the only item that the box has contained. Except for the logo of XIAOMI on the front and Chinese on the back, there is totally nothing on the package. I have to say that its package design is quite simple.

Different from the XIAOMI, the one from ORVIBO seems to be more complex. However, I don’t have chance to take a vantage of the small boxes somehow.

ORVIBO WiWo-S20 Power Plug


The views of the appearance might be totally different from each individual person. So you could tell if you like them by the photos down below. As for me, the one from ORVIBO looks more modern while the one from XIAOMI looks simpler.

ORVIBO WiWo-S20 Power Plug


They all work by connecting with your smartphone with the specific APP that you could get from the Internet. In my opinion, to use the apps is quite simple and easy, especially the one for controlling the ORVIBO S20 socket.

night light that changes colors

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