Compare the Hottest Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2016


Although there are many people and manufactories who have said that the robot vacuum cleaner does make life much more convenient and domestic, I have felt really disappointed two year ago as my husband bought a robot vacuum cleaner, which is really lame. However, recently, I have searched the robot vacuum cleaner, and I have tested some of them, for example, iRobot Roomba 602, iRobot 861, Neato Robotics D8000 and Xiaomi smart robot cleaner. I think it’s time to show you the comparison of these four robot vacuum cleaners.


iRobot Roomba 602


iRobot 861


Neato Robotics D8000


Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some photos for you. You could tell from those photos that robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot and Xiaomi are round. And most of the robot vacuum cleaners are in black or dark color, expect for the Xiaomi robot vacuum, since the smart home products of Xiaomi are mostly in solid white.




After testing, I have to stress that the one from Xiaomi has the best price-performance ratio. As cleaning the same area, the fast one is Neato D8000, and the second one is Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, since these two robot vacuum cleaners have advanced laser floor plan mapping, which make the housecleaning more thoroughly and quicker. As the iRobot clean the floor in random way, it has left some areas dirty. But, as far as I am concerned, the extractors of iRobot cleaning system work better than others, which means iRobot vacuum cleaners could do better at cleaning efficiency.





In my opinion, Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for people who rent a small apartment, which won’t get too dirty in daily. And I think it would be the best if Xiaomi improve its cleaning system. Speaking of Neato, it’s kind of vulnerable, and its quality is unstable. What’s more, it’s really expensive anyway. So, in short, you might give Xiaomi robot cleaner a shot.

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How does the Xiaomi do with climbing over thresholds between rooms?

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