How to Clean and Maintain the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner?


The Xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best robotics cleaners in the world today. This autonomous vacuum cleaner comes with a greater and powerful suction power and several advanced features than the previous models and competitors. In conjunction with elegance and several useful functionalities, the cleaner gets a lot of user points which makes it a favorite among many users. While this vacuum saves a huge amount of your personal time, it still requires investing even a small amount of care and time to prolong its life and therefore deliver exceptional results. To help you save time on care and maintaining this smart vacuum, I have compiled a list of some useful tips.

Xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner


Clean the brushes regularly

One of the main reasons why the Xiaomi smart robot vacuum may reduce performance is due to hairs or strings that are caught. These tangle its rotating parts thus slowing or stopping them from effectively moving. Do some regular checks to remove hairs and other items from the main brushes. It is recommended to clean the brushes weekly and change them every 6 to 12 months.


xiaomi vacuum

Clear the dustbin regularly

Many people always assume that the vacuum cleaners bags only need to be replaced when they get full. It is recommended to clear the robotic cleaner’s dustbin every time you use the cleaner. This is to prevent overflow of dust and debris when the dustbin fills up.

Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum


Clean the HEPA filter

Cleaning the filter grids is very vital for the health and hygiene purposes of the Xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner. The filter is located in the dustbin area of this cleaner and should be cleaned weekly. To do this, lift the top cover of the cleaner, press a latch and then pull a dust collector. Use a soft brush and soapy water before rinsing it thoroughly. The filter should be completely dry before you reinstalling it.

Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum


Always protect the sensors

This vacuum comes with 12 sensors that act as the vacuum’s eyes. This protect your sweeper from impacts with objects and walls. If your robot cleaner get stuck under your bed or sofa and cannot get out on its own, you should not pull the cleaner out least you risk damaging its sensors. You should lift up the main body first and then reposition it.




The Xiaomi vacuum is an investment that you will want to have a very long life. Thanks to its powerful suction power and several other special features, this cleaner’s ability to effectively clean your home and offices is rivalled none. By following the above guidelines, you will be able to prevent damage and wear thus keeping your machine working effectively for a long time.

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