How to Choose a Stick Vacuum Cleaner?


Why you should have a vacuum cleaner?

Having and using a vacuum cleaner will help you greatly in the removal of pet hair, dust, dirt and of course other particles unwanted in the air. Because of that, you will be able to have clean air at home and of course, possible health issues including allergic reactions are greatly eliminated. Furthermore, by having a vacuum cleaner, the involvement of human in the process of cleaning is greatly reduced.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

In the market, there are different types of vacuum cleaners, of which stick vacuum cleaners are very popular. At present, a smart vacuum cleaner is also increasingly being preferred. A stick vacuum cleaner or a broom vacuum cleaner, as the name suggests, is like a stick, long and narrow vacuum cleaner.

How to choose a stick vacuum cleaner

It is always difficult to say that this is the appropriate stick vacuum cleaner. The reason is simple as what may be best for you may not be the best for another person. Even with that admission, there are factors that you can consider before choosing the right stick vacuum cleaner for you. Besides, it is also important that you also meticulously read the various reviews and recommendations of the people who have used already the particular model you are looking for. Consequently, here are some factors to consider in choosing a stick vacuum cleaner.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

1.Suction pressure

Even if the stick vacuum cleaner is light and inexpensive, it should still have a suction power that is good or enough. That will make it convenient for picking up different messes including pet hair.

2.Hand-vacuums conversion

Various models of stick vacuum cleaners are able to be converted to hand vacuum cleaners simply by removing the powered cleaning head or the handle. This will make them useful for cleaning jobs such as the one involving stairs.

3.Length of power cord

This determines the action radius of a corded stick vacuum cleaner. Longer cords mean there is a wider reach.


The runtime for a stick vacuum should be sufficient. Cordless vacuums that are rechargeable often have run times ranging from 15 to 40 minutes. That depends on the model type and of course, that runtime can drop as the battery ages. Cordless models that have replaceable batteries will definitely extend the useful life of a stick vacuum.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

In conclusion, a great alternative to a stick vacuum cleaner is the smart vacuum cleaner as I had mentioned earlier. That is because a smart vacuum cleaner also commonly referred to as a robotic vacuum cleaner has quite a number of benefits. A smart vacuum cleaner is great for people with mobility or disability issues, saves time (requires no supervision), and is able to detect changes between cleaning surfaces and adjust accordingly.





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