How to Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair?


Our pet is members of our family. But when it comes time to clean all the hair they leave everywhere, we would like them not to be there. Life would be so much easier if you could get the right tool you need to clean their hair. Let’s discover together how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

xiaomi mi vacuum

How to Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

All vacuums cleaners are not suitable for all situations. You must, therefore, take into account some parameters to find the vacuum pet hair cleaner you need:

– Your type of soil: If you have a soil with tile or wood, you must opt ​for a vacuum with solid brushes. On the other hand, if you have carpet, you have to choose a special vacuum pet hair cleaner, more powerful which sucks in depth the pile encrusted in the carpet. If you have mixed floor, you can take a single vacuum cleaner, enough powerful to unclog your carpet and with the appropriate accessories for bare floors.

– Your pet: some pets leave more hair than others, especially dogs. So, you have to make sure you choose a powerful vacuum cleaner with a large capacity for retention, so you do not have to empty it all the time.

– Your state of health: If you suffer from allergy or other diseases related to pet hair, make sure that your vacuum cleaner has a good filter to make the cleaning watertight and thus protect you from allergenic germs.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Which devices in the market do you recommend?

We have chosen for you the best devices to help you in your pet hair cleaning spots:

Xiaomi mi vacuum: Very elegant, this intelligent cleaner robot is versatile and multi-surface. Its powerful battery gives it a range of up to 2 hours of cleaning. He is autonomous and will go alone when he has finished.

-It can easily clean pet hair from all your surfaces, (bare floor or carpet), thanks to its powerful engine and its numerous accessories;

– You will not have to constantly watch him while he works, because it scans its environment and knows how to find its way around the space;

– Its filter is modest but remains correct (95% germ filtration).

– You can keep control over him and his way of working. You can program the hours and surfaces to be cleaned and control it entirely from a mobile application.

xiaomi mi vacuum

BW-XRC600 Smart Vacuum Cleaner: This self-powered vacuum cleaner is also multi-surface., which you. It also has a battery life of more than two hours.

– Its powerful engine and accessories can unclog pet hair from all your surfaces;

– You will not have to constantly watch him while he works;

– It has a Type-HEPA filter (up to 99.97% germ filtration), ideal to fight allergies;

– Thanks to the mobile application, you keep control over him and can configure its several working modes.


 Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Dibea C17: This two-in-one manual vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning all your surfaces.

– It is very light and you can use it to clean the pet’s hair from all your surfaces, whether on the floor, on your shelves, or even on the ceiling

– It has a cyclonic filter and empties itself in one click.

– It is very quiet and has a very good autonomy.

– Its rotating head allows you to catch pet hair in every corner of your home, without any effort.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

You know now everything you need to consider when choosing a pet hair vacuum cleaner. There is a vacuum cleaner of pet hair adapted to your needs. Order your vacuum cleaner now!


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