How to Choose an Air Purifier?


We all deserve to live in a clean, pristine atmosphere free from contaminants, be it in our home or place of work. Due to their microscopic state in nature, its impossible to see air toxics using our bare eyes. But, just because we can not see them it does not mean that they are not there. Air purifiers, also known as air cleaners are used for the sole purpose of getting rid of these air pollutants in a room. They come in different models and size. Hence before acquiring one, you should take into consideration your needs for this specific machine. In the following are the factors you should consider when choosing an air purifier.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Purifier.

  1. Why do you need an air purifier?

It is important to consider the reasons you need an air cleaner before purchasing one. Realize what contaminants you want to get rid of first, be it dust, odors, bacterias or because you suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma. This is because air purifiers filters are designed differently to deal with a specific problem.


  1. The size of the room.

The size of the room where the air purifier is to be placed is often overlooked. Most air filters come with a recommendation for the size of air room it can clean per hour and it is important to look at the specifications.

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  1. Cost of maintenance.

Depending on the type of air purifier, the cost of maintenance varies. Air filters need to be changed at different intervals and the more air filters an air purifier has, the more it will cost to maintain.

  1. Noise and where it will be installed.

Some air purifiers produce a lot of noise, it is, therefore, imperative you look for a low noise purifier since it is mostly recommended to put them in bedrooms and you do not want noise while sleeping.

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Xiaomi air purifier comes highly recommended in the market. It occupies a small area, highly efficient, with its double fan four wind circulation system producing 10000 liters of air per minute, smartphone remote controls and alters features, it is also easy and fast to install. Filter replacement is convenient and you get an automatic reminder. Xiaomi will provide you with a clean and comfortable learning, working or living environment suitable for all.


Air purifiers can be beneficial to all especially those with allergies. They are not a substitute for medication but they will enable you to leave in a good environment. It is therefore important to invest in air purifiers and why not consider Xiaomi air purifier since its one of the best air cleaner in the market.

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