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10 Jul 2015

5 Things Would be Better If They Go Wireless

It is the technology that makes the world better. It is the wireless technology that makes the world even better. At the very beginning, people were restricted by the geographical environment and the transportation. With the development
4 Jul 2015

Robotic Cleaner Make You a Comfortable Life

Due to the back-breaking work during the day, I am sure that most of you hardly have time to clear up your house. As time goes by, there is no doubt that your house would become dusty.
27 May 2015

How to Beef up Your Home Security

So you think your home is safe enough when you are away or even asleep? That is not necessary the case. Every family is at risk of burglary or break-in. Those families with vulnerability or easy entry
13 Apr 2015

How to store tea greatly?

Tea is a dry product, extremely hygroscopic moisture can produce a qualitative change. When the tea was not kept greatly, in the role of moisture, temperature, humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, may cause adverse biochemical reactions
7 Apr 2015

It’s important to Protect our teeth

We should protect our teeth greatly, so we must brush our teeth. With the development of technology, automatic toothpaste dispenser and automatic toothbrush are made. Automatic toothpaste dispenser is convenient, and it can be used easily. And
11 Dec 2014

Smart Home Product: Broadlink SP Mini Plug

Plug is a thing that connects electricity then makes home smart appliances work. However, we always forget how important the plug is. We need plug everyday in our life and also we purchase plugs at set intervals
10 Dec 2014

New Remote Controller for Smart Home

Do you think of owning a more convenient home? It is no longer a dream to have a smart home now as we live in an advanced age. Home is a place which can offer safety, comfort,
5 Dec 2014

Go Wireless Home Security

Within the past decade, wireless technology has been developed rapidly. Till now, mobile device is the most benefit taker and receive the biggest welcome by the people. You may have such an thought run across your mind
4 Dec 2014

Smart Cleaner Makes No Room for Litter

House cleaning is a tough work; we always want to keep our space neat and well-organized. Some narrow space which is out of our reach with a bloom or a regular vacuum cleaner for the cleaning. When