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22 May 2019

SONOFF PRODUCTS: Making Your Life Super Smart

With SONOFF products, you can easily build home automation projects. They allow to improve your smart home and control your appliances remotely through the web. The most interesting thing with these products has to be the fact
6 May 2019

Important questions to ask before getting a WiFi Camera

Introduction One of the best things about wireless security cameras, obviously, is that they don’t have any wires. Often, installation is a simple task for those with a ladder and a drill, while wired systems typically need
30 Apr 2019

Why The Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart IP Camera Is Perfect For You?

Technology has found its way in almost every aspect of life. And yes, one of the areas that have experienced great technological innovations is security. With the advanced surveillance systems, you can now monitor every activity in
29 Apr 2019

The Review of Cop Rose X6 Window Cleaning Robot

Are you looking for a device that helps you clean your windows? Then you are lucky because we’ve taken a look at one for you. Read the review below for more information! Review The device we have
25 Apr 2019

Xiaomi Breathing New Life into Home Cleaning

Home cleaning can sometimes be a daunting task and more so if you are unsure of which parts of the room to give undivided attention. It’s even a nightmare if you got a huge room and you
22 Feb 2019

This is What Makes Xiaomi Electric Kettle A Standout

Unless you have an electric kettle, your kitchen is never complete! Unlike the stovetop kettles, electric kettles are aesthetically more appealing and get the work done in no time. However, if you need an electric kettle that
15 Feb 2019

XIAOMI Roborock Xiaowa: The Smart And Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Isn’t it incredible to have a robot cleaning your house while you sit back and relax on your couch? The XIAOMI Roborock Xiaowa is a smart robot to realize that dream for you. And you get the
14 Feb 2019

This Is What Makes XIAOMI Ultrasonic Humidifier The Real Deal

Whether you are living in a desert-stricken region or an area with drier air, investing in a good humidifier would be a great idea. Lack of humidity has been linked with a long list of health issues
14 Feb 2019

Dibea T6 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner: Review

Isn’t cleaning one of the most dreaded tasks in homemaking? Maybe not if you’ve got yourself an amazing vacuum cleaner like the Dibea T6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. With this machine, you cut down a lot of efforts