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22 May 2017

Use Digoo portable shaker bottle to create your own hurricane now

As well as we known that water is the source of life. When we were a child, we only know that if we don’t drink the water, we’ll feel thirsty that we’ll listen to mom’s word that
6 May 2017

Mother’s day will be coming soon, come here and choose some useful gifts to reward her

Banggood had processed the Mother’s day promotion recently. Have you chosen the gift for your mom already? Although many countries celebrate the mother’s Day on different day, most of the countries such as Denmark,Finland, Italy ,Turkey, Australia
10 Mar 2017

Ideas for Decorating Your Pies and Cakes

If you like to give a personal touch to everything but time plays against you, buy the cake made and decorate it yourself. You will learn tricks and some fabulous recipe with these ten simple and original
1 Mar 2017

Portable Coffee Capsule Machine for Coffee Lover

My boyfriend is a big fan of coffee. As we are on a date, a cup of America coffee is a must-have for him. And sometimes, he loves to order a shot of espresso for the bitter
20 Feb 2017

Now It’s Time for A Better Filter Pitcher

You might be looking for a pitcher to keep your water, and there are so many different types of pitcher in different textures, like glass and plastic. However, do you know that there are also some pitchers
17 Feb 2017

Tips for Using and Maintaining Ceramic Knives

I must say I have always been reluctant to have ceramic knives for the kitchen, but a month ago they gave me a game, and of course, you have to learn to use them as they are
16 Jan 2017

How to Clean the Microwave with Vinegar

Many housewives are wondering how to clean the microwave using baking soda, housekeeping tools and vinegar, so that they could get the microwave cleaned in a couple of minutes. The procedure is quite simple and will not
27 Dec 2016

You Need a Kitchen Scale Every Time You Cook

Good housewives spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but the end result of their efforts depends not only on the quality of products. Equally important is the varied kitchen utensils, without which it is impossible
26 Sep 2016

Basic Tools for Baking Delicious Food

Today I’ll tell you what you need to be as basic in our kitchen when making our sweet delights. You do not need the most expensive and luxurious kitchen items! There is silicone cake mould, cake pan
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