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4 Oct 2019

Where can I buy cheap christmas lights

Introduction Christmas lights of today can light up trees and window frames with tiny twinkling lights of many colors—or cause frustration with their long and tangle-prone cables. But the first such lights, introduced to the holiday world
9 Aug 2019

Duayen spray; where to buy

Introduction Duayen, a Turkish company, is the leading supplier of advanced polyurethane spray coating systems and they’ve developed a spray that’s unlike any other. The Duayen  spray spray can be used for a wide range of applications
4 Aug 2019

Where to buy duayen paint

Introduction Founded in 2001, Duayen is specialized in polyurethane systems with a focus on new applications. The company operates a 7.500 m2 facility in Istanbul, Turkey, and is able to produce 600 tons of materiel per month.
10 May 2019

Garden Lights: Different types and how to use them

Introduction Setting the outdoor décor of a home, a garden or a park is a common trend in our society. These have been done during different occasions such as wedding parties or even done for the general
20 Feb 2019

Plastic and Ceramic Pots and Planters For Home Decor

Growing plants is a very relaxing hobby for many people. The plants improve air quality, especially in areas where pollution levels are higher. Besides, the plants are suitable for decor, making the room look colorful. One of
20 Dec 2018

Xmas Super Sale: The Good Time to Become The Member of The Banggood APP

Christmas is coming soon. Banggood is going to launch the Xmas Super Sale for you. However, how to get more benefits from this activity? I think you can not miss the deal in the Banggood app. To
19 Dec 2018

Banggood is Gonna to Give You a Xmas Super Sale

As Christmas day approaching, Banggood is gonna to offer you a big promotion named Xmas Super Sale. Officially, it will start on December 21 and last till December 23. However, it has begun on December 12th as
18 Dec 2018

Special Deals for US and EU Areas During The Xmas Super Sale

Christmas is around the corner. To celebrate the big day, Banggood is going to launch an Xmas Super sale for you. Officially, it will begin at 10:00 on December, 21 and end at 24:00 on December 23rd.
11 Dec 2018

7 Unique Ideas to Decorate Your Christmas Tree in 2018

It gets boring when it comes to decorating Christmas in the same way that everyone goes for every year. Same old glitters, ribbons, snowman, Santa clause and lighting can get boring after a while. Christmas is the