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28 Sep 2016

Garden Lights That Can Brighten Up Your Garden

Many garden parties made overnight when the weather is cooler. The guests wear their best clothes and hosts decorate their homes with tents, tables and other decorations that help enhance the party atmosphere. Among the most important
30 Jun 2016

To Design the Path in Your Garden

The path in the garden is one of those must-haves of a wonderful garden. The path could not only lead us to the wonderful garden from our house but also add the unique vibe to our garden
20 May 2016

Products for Watering Your Plants

Watering the plants is a routine for most of the gardeners. If you got no time to spare, you should better not to plant some greens, since you might just leave them to die eventually. As far
12 May 2016

Mini Terrarium Ornaments for Mini Landscaping

Terrariums have gained a lot of fame in recent years, and it is not hard to tell the reason why they are so popular. For people living in the small apartment which is not much bigger than
20 Apr 2016

Types of Grow Lights

You love growing some greens or flowers at home, and you are wondering which kind of growing lights should be chosen for a better harvest. This post is just meant for you, because I list 4 kinds
19 Oct 2015

Incredible Ideas of Landscaping

Is the landscaping one of your big headaches? You are eager to add garden decorations or grow some wonderful plants to beautify your yard, but you don’t know exactly how to pull off. Don’t sweat it, since
12 Oct 2015

Break Your Flower Pots to Create the Fairy Garden

It sounds weird that I suggest you break your flower pots, but you will be amazed after I show the brilliant idea of decorating the broken flower pots. And there are some of you have no idea
30 Sep 2015

What to Plant in Your Fall Garden?

Looking for adding colors and interest to you yard this autumn? Try fall annuals. They are perfect for swapping out tired plants in your summer container gardens, tucking into beds and borders for more seasonal color or
29 Sep 2015

What can You Do for the Fall Garden?

Fall is a great time to consider doing a lot of different activities in a garden, so we’re going to go through some of those and introduce some gardening tools to help maintain your fall garden. Fall
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