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10 May 2019

Garden Lights: Different types and how to use them

Introduction Setting the outdoor décor of a home, a garden or a park is a common trend in our society. These have been done during different occasions such as wedding parties or even done for the general
8 Jan 2019

The Best Solar Lamps For Your Garden

Solar lamps have reaped immense fame in recent times. Why? Because these lights add a gorgeous mood to your garden without posing a threat to the environment. Solar lights for garden use the sun to power themselves. It thus helps
21 Nov 2018

The Best Tips In Maintaining Solar Garden Lights During Winter

During winter there is less sun because of the short days and the long nights. This means that there will be a lot of darkness and snow may cover up everything. You need a lot of light
25 Sep 2018

FAQs About Solar Garden Lighting

Finding your way in the dark of the night can be challenging. Lighting your garden or patio will not only help you avoid obstacles at night but also add a touch of softness before it is sunrise.
4 Sep 2018

How to Choose a Solar Pond Pump?

A suitable pond pump is the heart of any outdoor family pond. Choosing the best home pump for a specific application is an important decision one can make. Making a wrong pump selection can result in a
8 Aug 2018

Key Tips for Solar Garden Lights Usage

Lighting up the garden at night is a great way to bring out the ambiance of the garden landscape. If you have a pathway through your garden, investing in garden lighting is a good way to illuminate
17 Jul 2018

Tips for Decorating Your Garden With Grass

A Garden plays an important part in our life. People nowadays love a home surrounding with beautiful tiny or huge gardens but are not aware of techniques, innovative ideas, and many more concepts. It is really very
2 Jul 2018

How To Maintain Solar Garden Lights?

All outdoor lightings require cleaning, inspection maintenance at least once or twice a year. This ensures its proper functionality and saves you the potential costs of repair and replacement. These lights are an investment, and you should,
14 Jun 2018

How to Maintain Purple Pampas Grass?

With the development of ornamental science has evolved and the role of grass in promoting beauty has become a major concern. This is because several ornamental plants have different roles, but grass makes a bold statement. However,