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16 Oct 2014

The Shopping Spree Time Is Coming

Are you a mischief? Do you feel like playing tricks on your intimate friends and families? Now it is your time. With Halloween’s day coming soon, most of people can make full use of this opportunity to
13 Oct 2014

Good Helpers of Life

If you are a book worm, what you are cared most is the comfort of reading. It is harmful to keep lowering one’s head for long, which can lead to cervical?spondylopathy and impair one’s vision in some
10 Oct 2014

Smart Wristband Makes Life Different

History has witnessed enormous changes in human society, tracing back to thousands of years from the first discovery of fire to industrial revolution then to information era of present. What human intelligence and science has brought to
7 Oct 2014

A Sweet Burden

When you have leisure time to return to family life, you should pay more attention to your baby. The education of babies not only embodies school education, but also has close relation with influence of family education.
27 Aug 2014

The Must-Have for Traveling

Traveling may be the first and best choice for many people when comes to vacation or leisure activity. However, before you enjoy the fun and joy of traveling, you need to make a full and sound preparation
22 Aug 2014

Enjoy The Barbecue Time

Barbecue is a worldwide leisure activity. Its history can date back from long time ago when our ancestors had tried a grilled pig which occasionally had been burnt in a forest fire at the first time and