Bathroom Archive

12 Dec 2014

Soft and Comfortable Door Carpet

I don’t like to be in harness especially at home. So I don’t like to wear slippers and I enjoy the feeling that my feet touch the floor. But after shower, when I go out of the
12 Dec 2014

Bathroom Shower Curtain Shows Your Taste

As we all know, toilet, shower place and faucet are the three mainly parts in a bathroom. When open the bathroom door, we can normally see these parts clearly. It is not a bad thing at all,
9 Dec 2014

Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Christmas

In fortnight will come the Christmas. Are you excited about this upcoming big event? Christmas is a special day of gathering, and inviting family and friends for the annual reunion holiday. So have you already done the
5 Dec 2014

Fashion Shoulder Straps Towel

Through a whole day hard working, the first thing people want to do after work may be go home and have a comfortable shower to wash out all tiredness. Annoyance flows away along with water. Instead of
3 Dec 2014

Simple Steps to Clean Your Toilet

To keep Bathroom clean all the time is not a simple thing, as we use the bathroom everyday in our daily life. I think the dirtiest place in bathroom is toilet. Should the toilet get that dirty?
29 Nov 2014

Add a View in Bathroom

When it turns to bathroom, shower makes the most of the initiate purpose. When you want something that both can function for practical usage but also a decor, then get a bathroom wall shelves to fill the
26 Nov 2014

Smart Bathroom Gadget: Automatic Soap Dispenser

Keep our hands clean is necessary for the daily life. Think about all of the things that you touch today – from the telephone to the toilet. Maybe you blew your nose in a tissue and then
19 Nov 2014

Prevent Bathroom Mirror from Getting Fogging Up

As weather get colder and colder, we always have a situation like this: have the mirror fog up during a nice hot shower. It is very annoying; especially, winter makes the situation much worse. The ‘fog’ is
15 Oct 2014

Hooks Make a Change to Your Bathroom

Hooks are needed in our living room, kitchen, bedroom and so on almost everywhere in our house. Particularly, bathroom needs hooks the most. As bathroom is the place where we put our cleaning stuff all in it,