Bathroom Archive

26 Nov 2014

Smart Bathroom Gadget: Automatic Soap Dispenser

Keep our hands clean is necessary for the daily life. Think about all of the things that you touch today – from the telephone to the toilet. Maybe you blew your nose in a tissue and then
19 Nov 2014

Prevent Bathroom Mirror from Getting Fogging Up

As weather get colder and colder, we always have a situation like this: have the mirror fog up during a nice hot shower. It is very annoying; especially, winter makes the situation much worse. The ‘fog’ is
15 Oct 2014

Hooks Make a Change to Your Bathroom

Hooks are needed in our living room, kitchen, bedroom and so on almost everywhere in our house. Particularly, bathroom needs hooks the most. As bathroom is the place where we put our cleaning stuff all in it,
30 Sep 2014

Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Fragrant

Bathroom is a relaxing and private place to all of us, I always think about how to make my bathroom a better place. You know, cleaning bathroom is one important part, decorating bathroom is another key one,
29 Sep 2014

Various Bathroom Rugs Make Bathroom Different

Rugs exist in everybody’s house and also everywhere in the house. Particularly, bathroom is the most popular place you will consider to place one when you are going to buy rugs. There are various bathroom rugs in
26 Sep 2014

Dressed in Matching Guides for Girls

Perhaps you are a fashionista, so you must be always following all kinds of fashion show such as London fashion week, New York fashion week and Milan fashion week this year? Have you watched one of them?
24 Sep 2014

Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

Almost everyone change their toothbrush at least 3 months, but do you know even though you change your toothbrush regularly, your toothbrush still full of bacteria. You might think that the toothpaste can cleanse the toothbrush, however,
24 Sep 2014

Live a High-Quality Life

Wherever you are or however worse your surroundings is, it is of great importance to keep an optimistic attitude towards life. As Russian poet Pushkin said: if you are deceived by life, do not be grieved and
23 Sep 2014

Some Little Stuffs can Make Your Bathroom Nice

Sometime we will have a situation like this: you really have a feeling to refresh your ordinary and dull bathroom so that you will be energy again, meanwhile, you do wish spend too much money in changing