You Can Own a Neat and Nice Bathroom Too!


No matter in modern, vantage or traditional style, owning a neat, clean, comfortable and well-equipped bathroom is every family’s dream. What are the features that a qualified bathroom is supposed to have?

Firstly, the layout of bathroom is the essential part you can’t skip. It’s OK for your bathroom to be pretty small, although little room means more limits, it can be small but clean and neat enough with proper layout and good arrangement. No matter big or small, bathroom should not be filled with too many stuffs cause actually it is kind of dangerous for bumping into hard things when the bathroom floor is slippery. For safety concerns is one of the reasons, the other reason is a full bathroom leads to an illusion that it is messy and dirty no matter how well things are arranged. So, to keep enough space is a key point to help make bathroom seem clean and neat.

bath rugs

Secondly, a window is the most effective and economical way to immediately brighten your bathroom. What is a window mainly used for? It’s for letting the light come in! Light is the best decoration for home and it is becoming the most important part in modern home decorations. Without natural light, bathroom is likely to appear dark and depressive, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

Thirdly, equipped with light-colored bathroom cupboards and non-slip bath rugs or mats. Choosing the light mild main color for bathroom can more easily refresh oneself and relax oneself after a whole-day tiring work. But if you stick to the color you like, it’s without any questions, just remember to adapt the decorations to the main color to make them compatible. Beautiful bath rugs with all kinds of patterns can also make bathroom seem clean, most importantly, they provide you protection in case of slippery floor.

bathroom accessoriesFourthly, properly use bathroom accessories and plants decoration. Bathroom accessories are used for providing us convenience, but their existences unintentionally become another decoration for the bathroom. If you want your bathroom really shines, go out to have a look what seasonal plants or flowers are on the show, then choose those which suit the bathroom damp environment and place them in a proper spot. You will find even the most boring bathroom after decorating with a vigorous plant, it comes alive again!

So, what are you waiting for? Act now to have your own personalized bathroom!


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You share interesting things here.

Maria Cordero
Maria Cordero

I love this theme and posts. We are building a new home, it would be perfect for all the surfaces.