Broadlink:Smart Home Automation Equipment Provider


Home appliances have over the years become a vital part of our day to day activities as we try to accomplish our household functions. Homes now have a wide range of appliances used for cooking, entertainment, and food preservation among many others. The increase in the number of home appliances has led to a widespread concern on how to efficiently operate and automate their functionality.


Broadlink is a manufacturer of smart home automation equipment that uses wireless connectivity to control home appliances and equipment. Its products control electronic devices such as TV, DVD, BluRay player, projector, fans, AC unit, and air-conditioning. With the products from Broadlink, you can control electronic devices using your phone via internet connectivity. They work with Android and IOS and its home modes include AUTO away and AUTO home on arrival. Broadlink has a product line consisting of Broadlink RM Pro, Broadlink RM Mini, and Broadlink RM Pro+.



The most popular product in its product line is the Broadlink RM Pro. The Broadlink RM Pro can freely be shipped anywhere throughout the world. It is popular because of its universal remote by voice. To get started, one simply downloads the Broadlink Intelligent Home Center (IHC) App. To configure the Broadlink universal remote, simply assign the email address and your account password and proceed.


Android and IOS support

Broadlink provides a wireless remote control that uses android and IOS apps to control devices. Available on the Apple App store and the Google Play Store, the Android and IOS apps are quite similar. To use the app you basically have to set up an account. However, you can proceed with your Facebook account by using a Facebook option listed during registration. It simply takes 60 seconds to create an account after which you are asked to add a device. It is very easy to add a device with the options provided, where you can add by category, scanning the barcode, or manual input of the barcode.

Broadlink remote control and Alexa

Broadlink allows you to interact with your devices remotely by voice.     With this technology, you can control updates on how Alexa manages various commands by using Broadlink, which is very advantageous as prolonged use leads to applicable commands being targeted if you do not apply the device name. Alexa increases the functionality under which you operate various devices in your home.



To summarise this, the Broadlink can easily handle the automation and control of many home appliances. It is highly rated and easy to use. Broadlink is easily controlled using an IOS or Android app. Additionally, it can be freely shipped to virtually everywhere around the globe. And the products from Broadlink are also available on Banggood.

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