BroadLink TC2 Is What You Need


Admittedly, the smart home switch of the lights is an integrate part of the smart home system. Only when all the switches become intelligent, the light control of your home could be part of the smart home system. And we are going to discuss about the Broadlink TC2 light controller of lighting control systems, which could replace the normal switches of the lights.

Broadlink TC2 Light Controller Broadlink TC2 Light Controller Broadlink TC2 Light Controller

First of all, I would love to show you the one of the reasons why I choose this one, since the exterior of this smart light controller is wonderful. As you could see from the pictures, overall, the workmanship of the Broadlink TC2 light controller is pretty good in texture, color and even style. In the dark, you could see the background light in blue, which is gentle. There are two colors of this smart switch, black and white, and they could be perfect for most of the house styles.

Broadlink TC2 Light Controller

Although the exterior is quite important, the properties of the smart light controller are the most important. As the installation, it doesn’t cost me lots of time, because to install this light controller is pretty easy. And to connect it with my cellphone only took me 2 minutes, which is super simple. The Broadlink TC2 works with the thyristor, which has many advantages, such as fast speed, no noise, and no spark. However, the drawback is also quite obviously, as the current that would go through the thyristor should be limited. In view of that, the maximum power of the light should not exceed 100W. And I have to stress that the Broadlink TC2 switch could not work as part of the smart system, if you don’t have the Broadlink RM pro to emit the signal. What’s more, it doesn’t work quite well, if the Broadlink RM pro is too far away from the Broadlink TC2.

lighting control systems

As far as I am concerned, this one actually is worthy trying.

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Where can i find a black one?