Broadlink RM Pro Remote Controller Helps You Control Your Home


In most homes, there are many appliances which are used like Television, Lighting, Air conditioning, set-top box, curtains. Many people are leaving their home in a hurry, and they forget to switch off these appliances, which can lead to the wastage of electricity, and also reduce the life of the appliance. In recent years, many of these home appliances are having radio frequency (RF) or infrared(IR) controls, so they can be controlled remotely with the remote control. Therefore, using the Smart Home automation remote controller and wireless phone from Broadlink makes it possible to conveniently control many of these appliances from a distance, even when a person is not at home.


For example, air-conditioner will require some time to cool the area, and many people prefer to keep the lights on when they reach home at night. So many people are looking for a convenient way to switch on these appliances, lighting some time, before they reach home. Using the remote controller for home automation, you can switch on the appliances and lighting. The gadget has multiple auto modes for home automation, including Home Arrival andHome away mode. Thus, the devices can switch on and off automatically. The controller can be used for all RF/IR devices like electric curtains, wall switches, lights, air-conditioning, TV.


The Broadlink RM-PRO remote controller has multiple operating frequencies of 433 Mhz and 315 MHz, so most appliances in the home can be easily controlled. The infrared frequency is 38K. The frequency of the WiFi connection is used in 2.4 GHz and complies with IEEE 802.1 The controller has CE, ROHS and FCC certification, so it makes sure the quality of the gadget. The controller has a special shell for transmitting infrared signals. The triangular shell reduces the diffuse reflection and ensures that the penetration rate is as high as 95%. The transmitter in the controller is snowflake shaped to ensure that the signal reaches every part of the house.


One of the greatest advantages of using this remote controller is that it comes with the e-Remote App which can be downloaded on a smartphone, tablet or any gadget with either Android or IoS installed. The app has powerful self-learning functions, so it can control all IR and RF devices. All the family members can install the app on their smartphone and monitor the home remotely. One of the most useful features of this app is the timing control, which means that the appliances can be programmed to be switched on or off at a particular time, as required by the user. Since radio frequency signals are available, the device can be used to control appliances which are not in the same room also.

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