Brandywine Tomato Is a Good Option for Your Yard


Fall is the season for harvest. So, do you get a bumper form your yard? Even though your garden doesn’t have vegetable before, you can consider planting some easy and fast-growing vegetables for this early fall in your yard.

brandywine tomato seedsAs for me, I will take tomato as the first vegetable I’d love to have in my yard. Since tomato is popular in our daily life, with its healthy benefit and good taste, people will make their own style like ketchup, tomato pasta, tomato pizza and so on. It will be wonderful to cook your own growing tomato, especially, it can be a unique meal if you invite guest to your house. Another reason why I choose tomato to grow in yard is that it’s easy to grow and fast harvest. Here, Brandywine tomato seeds will be a good option to you.

brandywine tomato seeds

brandywine tomato seeds

brandywine tomato seedsBrandywine tomato plant is an heirloom cultivar of the species, with large potato-leaves foliage and which bears large pink beefsteak-shaped fruit, popularly considered among the best tasting available. This kind of tomato can bear fruit up to 0.7kg, requiring 70-100 days to reach maturity. So when you purchasing this kind of tomato seeds to grow, you need to be patient for the crop time.
brandywine tomato seeds

brandywine tomato seedsTo begin with, you have to get your tomato seeds home, if your yard has a special place for vegetables then it will be great. If not, you can plan to set a big pot for them. The soil they need is with a PH of about 6.5, with less nitrogen. Make sure the soil is well draining and supplemented with organic material. Then, choose a location with lots of space and full sun. Because of their heavy foliage, Brandywine tomatoes need extra space to grow. Once the tomato seeds become seedling, you need to get necessary garden equipment – stakes. Press a wooden or metal stake into the ground at the base of each tomato plant and tie the main stem of the plant securely to the stake.

garden equipment

garden equipmentAt last, prune and water are necessary to grow healthy and juicy tomato, remember to prune the tomato plants weekly and water them frequently. You will harvest the delicious big tomatoes soon.

brandywine tomato seeds

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