BlitzWolf Launching a Smart Dishwasher for Only $277.99


Every household requires a dishwasher in today’s time and age. It makes dishwashing easy and fast. One thing you should know is that a dishwasher is not just a dishwasher; a digital dishwasher is a “goal” in every household. Today we discuss the new BlitzWolf®BW-CDW1 Dishwasher which is about to be launched, and will be preordered on Banggood for only $277.99.

BlitzWolf®BW-CDW1 Dishwasher

App smart control

By just synchronizing your phone and the washer, you can be able to check the dishwashing status in real-time, on your phone. The new BlitzWolf®BW-CDW1 Dishwasher also has a large transparent visual design. Meaning that you can clearly view the dishwashing process.

Dishwasher racks:

The new BlitzWolf®BW-CDW1 Dishwasher has a large holding capacity with dual-layer racks. It is capable of holding 20 dishes in one wash meaning that it is Spacious. Some shelves have very narrow spacing between the tines while others provide more room for thick or curved plates but not this new must-have dishwasher. The best part is that it is equipped with a bowl, knife, and fork basket.

Dishwasher tub:

The two most popular materials used inside the dishwasher are stainless steel and plastic. Both in the new BlitzWolf®BW-CDW1 Dishwasher are durable and serviceable. It is also equipped with 360 degrees powerful cleaning, up&down double spray arms. It has high-pressure washing and full angle 3D spraying cover every corner and remove stains thoroughly and effectively.

Energy efficiency:

All dishwashers carry Energy Guide labels, the BlitzWolf®BW-CDW1 Dishwasher is no different. In a dishwasher, energy use is almost entirely tied to water use. The less water it uses the less energy it consumes. With this dishwasher, you can add water directly and even fix a pipe straight from the tap. After washing, it activates a fast-drying mechanism that kills bacteria and saves up on energy.


Dishwashers are one of the few appliances where manufacturers disclose the decibel level of the model. The BlitzWolf®BW-CDW1 Dishwasher the quietest model you will have in your home, you will hardly notice it doing its job in the kitchen.


Thankfully, deciding which new dishwasher to buy does not have to be as complicated a process as it can be with other appliances. Online shopping has made it a walk in the park. The new information hitting us is that Blitzwolf is launching the new BlitzWolf®BW-CDW1 Dishwasher preordered on  Banggood for only $ that not amazing? Get one of these machines and you will not regret it. It is worth the price.

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