Why Should You Have BlitzWolf BW-LT10 Smart Bulb?


With ever improving technology, it is now easier than before to give your home smart lighting in easy steps depending on what suits your needs and your budget. The setup, of course, has bulbs, switches, apps that control the hardware and energy sources. Such smart lighting equipment is the BlitzWolf BW-LT10. This top-notch equipment has the mechanism that enables it to be automatical for day and night, has a warm look, can adapt to weather and can act as home security.

BlitzWolf BW-LT10

You need BlitzWolf BW-LT10 in your home or office for the following reasons:


The lighting system is designed with high-quality intelligence as it can detect motion around the house. The motion sensors can be stand-alone, camera or even a smart thermostat. You can set either motion or sound as the trigger. The light will activate whenever there is motion or sound around the house.

BlitzWolf BW-LT10

Can be automated;

Like any other smart lighting, BlitzWolf BW-LT10 operates automatically on the set schedule. The basic schedule is to switch on at night and switch off during the daytime. Study the hardware of your equipment to enable this function. Some may use wall switches or smart plugs, while others may use individual light bulbs. This hardware information is available within an app. The app also gives you the scheduling options where you can set time. This provides the lighting you need for your home. This property also saves on energy.

BlitzWolf BW-LT10

Adaptability to weather

Internet-connected personal weather stations can communicate with your smart lights, especially when unexpected weather strikes. The UV-light sensors in the weather stations detect the changes in light intensity. Also, moisture sensors alert the personal weather station when it is raining.

You can set the alarm to wake you up

You can schedule your smart lighting system to wake you up by making it mimic the effect of the sunrise effect and gradually fading in. This is the best alternative to noise caused by alarms.

You can set color scenes to match mood

The smart lighting system has different color effects. You can set these colors depending on your moods. Whether happy, sad, flirtatious or melancholic, you got all covered.

BlitzWolf BW-LT10

You can synchronize with your music

With several apps, you can easily cronies your music with to your lighting. You can get effects such as flickers, blinks to the beats.

Motion sensors

The smart bulb can detect motion. In such cases bright, the mode will be activated to provide lumen of light to guide you. This bright mode will turn off in a minute if there is no motion. It can detect the motion up to 25 feet away.

Energy efficient thanks to the motion and light sensing technology.

That ensures that no light waste. With 40 lumen and bright light bulb, BlitzWolf BW-LT10 stays white and bright, giving you a cool touch.



BlitzWolf BW-LT10 stands out as one of the best intelligent lighting systems. With a lightweight, bright light, and sensors. You are guaranteed the best smart lighting system. For more discounts of this smart bulb, please click here.

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