BlitzWolf BW-AP2 Smart Air Purifier Comprehensive Review


Blitzwolf BW-AP2 smart air purifier is a new, super-intelligent device with an efficiency of 500 m3/h, some pretty smart features, as well as an advanced filtering system. The purifier effectively removes smoke, pollen, dust, and other impurities from the air, which makes it the ideal companion for all individuals with respiratory allergies. Not only is the Blitzwolf BW-AP2 efficient, but it is affordable too. In this review, we will dive into the details of this device and we will help you see why it has become so popular.

 Blitzwolf BW-AP2 smart purifier

High efficiency and elegant design 

The Blitzwolf BW-AP2 smart purifier offers an elegant and simple design that perfectly fits in any modern home. Its sleek design gives it a cordial look in any position in your home, where it provides a 500-meter cube/hour of clean air, covering an area of 35-60 meter cube, which means that it can cover most of the home at any given time. With regards to its efficiency, the purifier has a filter that filters 99.97% of all the small particles which includes allergens such as small bacteria, pollen, and animal hair, allowing its users to have supreme air quality. With its 5 million pure ions, you can be assured that its 2000 hour filter life is way beyond gracious for you and your family.

 Blitzwolf BW-AP2 smart purifier


3 in 1 filter 

Blitzwolf BW-AP2 comes with a filter that consists of three layers. The filter is on the lower half of the purifier, where the air is sucked in from the room. The first layer is the one that captures the biggest chunk of impurities including animal hair and feathers. The second layer is referred to as the H12 HEPA filter, and it captures almost 99.97% of small particles, which includes pollen, dust, or other bacteria. The third filter is an active carbon filter that removes odors and all the other harmful odors from the room. After 2000 hours of use, you will need to replace the filters. The device will give a signal light alerting you to do so.

 Blitzwolf BW-AP2 smart purifier

Application, smart functions, and controls 

The smart purifier interacts with Blitzwolf, Tuya, and Smart Life for additional functionality, not to mention easy accessibility options including the application of a child lock, adjusting speed, or setting a timer, which you can easily do through your smartphone. The information display is found on the upper and front part of the cleaner that contains the control panel. The panel displays the room’s air quality, allowing you to set the timer or mode. As for the timer, it can be set from 1 to 8 hours, where you will choose from three modes; manual, automatic, and night.

 Blitzwolf BW-AP2 smart purifier

Our verdict

In totality, the Blitzwolf BW-AP2 smart air purifier is a pretty reliable device and it will for sure become an essential member of your workspace and household. After all, considering all its wonderful capabilities, it is hard to think otherwise.


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