Before we proceed, I do need to criticize a bit. It’s not an air fryer! Frying is a process of cooking food in hot fat or oil, while this type of device uses a fan to move the hot air around the food, which is a convection oven. Notwithstanding all that, we are still going to call it an air fryer.

Safely styrofoam in a sizeable box was the; honestly, very boss looking BlitzWolf BW-AF1 air fryer. It doesn’t look like any of the kitchen appliances I own. All that came with it was a very simple instruction leaflet. I was hoping for a recipe book…

An air fryer comprises of the device itself and a three-piece cooking tray with the most incredible volume of 6 liters.


The Control board is arranged on the slanted top. A design detail that utilizes the control panel since more natural. The Control panel comprises an LCD, and on its sides are contact catches for setting cooking temperature and cooking time. The base column has cooking mode select, start/quit cooking, and force on/off. The top column has symbols of the modified cooking modes with cooking temperatures and span in any case; disappointingly, they do not contact catches. They fill in as a futile update. Indeed, the plastic is shiny and extraordinarily intelligent!

One little, apparently irrelevant, yet very useful addition is the consideration of carrying handles at the lower part of the gadget. It is much simpler to move the fryer around with the assistance of those.


After plugging it in, pairing to my Wi-Fi was as straightforward as instructed. They even used the LCD to show the pairing process’s advancement by increasing from 0 to 3. The air fryer should be used with BlitzWolf’s application, yet it cheerfully works with Tuya also. Both applications have an indistinguishable UI; even the Tuya application’s progressions will move to BlitzWolf’s application after fixing the fryer.

Blitzwolf bw-af1 smart air fryer


The BW-AF1 fryer from the BlitzWolf organization is made of elegant and strong materials, because of which it has a long assistance life and fits impeccably among the other household appliances. In any case, this isn’t only a normal oil fryer. BlitzWolf BW-AF1 deals with air admission and warming guidelines because the last food is a lot more beneficial and simpler to process.


The intake air is warmed by a heating element method in a container with an enormous volume of 6L. On account of this limit, one meal preparation is sufficient for the entire, medium-sized family. The box is non-stick and can be effortlessly removed.

Blitzwolf bw-af1 smart air fryer

The heating element has an intensity of 1800W at a voltage of 220 – 240V. The incredible power handles details to warm the air inside a couple of moments from 40 to 200 ° C.


An advantage of the BlitzWolf BW-AF1 hot air fryer is its connectivity to a mobile device. It offers some excellent benefits.

Notwithstanding the automatic 60-minute timer, the application offers various pre-arranged plans and modes adjusted to the best dishes. The menu incorporates, for instance, french fries, pizza, fish, and chicken.

The fryer will sound a discernible sign when the food has been prepared. Notwithstanding the application, the fryer can likewise be controlled utilizing the HD display on the top. Control is simple, quick, and intuitive.

BlitzWolf BW-AF1 Smart Air Fryer is available from Banggood for US$139.99


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