BlitzWolf B-VC3 Review 2-in-1 smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Robot vacuum cleaners are not only very popular among homeowners but due to the performance given by the BlitzWolf BW-VC3 vacuum cleaner has gained some popularity. Apart from using it like a vacuum cleaner, it also washes up and or you can use our moil phones to control it. Let look at this cleaner on a deeper level.

BW-VC3 vacuum cleaner


The moping options with the BlitzWolf BW-VC3 are siblings like elegant and durable ABS plastic. The vacuum cleaner can be tuned into minimalist and controversial white colour. Having the ability to have the suction power of 1600Pa, the vacuum cleaner has a separately connectable 300ml water tank and 500ml dust box capacity. And of course, you will have to get a mop head for the latter. The rear-mounted mop wipes the floor while the front vacuum cleaner absorbs dust. The vacuum cleaner can also be used using Wi-Fi connection or using your phone.


BlitzWolf BW-VC3 is a smart vacuum cleaner that can wash the floor apart from in addition to vacuuming where it has a powerful 40Wmotor and 1600Pa for efficient vacuuming. The navigation of the three vacuum cleaners takes place through a 360 LDS system which has maximum efficiency and accuracy are ensured. The maximum overcoming and climb obstacles are 1.5 cm. Apart from using the voice, the vacuum cleaner can also be controlled using two buttons on the body of the device. On the device, there is also a small but visible LED diode that indicates the current status of the connection to wireless Wi-Fi.


Not only is this vacuum cleaner capable of wiping the floor, but the two side rotating brushes at the front plus its lower rotating head allows it to sweep and absorb dirt particles from the fibers of the carpet. Also, it can be controlled via wifi, and it contains a 2600 mah battery that allows it to be used for up to 120 minutes. After the cleaning is done, the vacuum cleaner returns to your dock automatically to charge, which guarantees its effectiveness and reliability when it comes to its performance. The noise in the vacuum is around 65 Db, so when you are vacuuming, it does not disturb anyone. The most advantageous thing about the vacuum cleaner is that they have been a great success because of their convenience and simplicity that they offer and also the voice intelligence voice assistance which is a great option


The vacuum cleaner has dimensions of 33.05 x 32.09 x 7.02 cm and a pleasant value of only 2.36kg. The BW-VC3 vacuum cleaner has various attachments and brushes, a charging station, a power adaptor, a user manual and a useful HEPA filter.

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