BlitzHome BH-CMM5 Espresso Machine Review


BlitzHome is definitely a Blitzwolf brand that specializes in home appliances. The recently launched semi-automatic coffee maker with a built-in grinder called BlitzHome BH-CMM5 espresso machine is packed with lots of smart features that make it the perfect choice for coffee lovers.

Espresso machine

The Design

The design of the BlitzHome BH-CMM5 is characterized by a square metal housing for added stability as well as a water tank with a capacity of 2.7 liters, a water tank filter for easy filtration and a magnetic powder hammer under pressure on the left side.
Precision multi-speed cone grinder with 1360-1620W power to extract the aroma of the coffee beans and retain the coffee essence.
At the top is a grinder that takes 250 grams of your favorite coffee beans and grinds them at 15 different levels to measure.

It has two filters of different sizes to fit enough coffee in a cup or two, and the BlitzHome BH-CMM5 Espresso machine is automatic so you don’t have to guess when there will be enough coffee.

Espresso machine

It has two “Single” and “Double” buttons and produces as much coffee as needed for one or two servings.
The outside of the Blitzwolf coffee machine is made of metal and inside is a Thermo Block that heats quickly and keeps the process temperature at 92 degrees Celsius, which is best for the best espresso taste.

The BlitzHome BH-CMM5 has a heated lid that allows you to warm the glass and a classic steamer that produces froth for cappuccino.


Conical Burr Grinder: vertical powder channel system, stainless steel injection molding, 58 mm group handle. Collect the coffee beans and grind them evenly as you would with a hand grinder.

20 Bar High Extraction, 1360-1620 W Big Power: Creates a softer coffee taste by extracting the aroma of the coffee beans and retaining the essence of the coffee.

PID Smart Temperature Control: Constant temperature extraction ensures optimal taste and ideal taste. Instead of a kettle, an advanced fast heating system with a thermoblock lets you prepare a cup of coffee quickly.

1/2 Cup filter, flow meter for Precise Control: Automatic preparation of a large or small cup of coffee.

Steam Function for Cappuccino: Easily bubble cappuccino and lattes with hot steam, easy to prepare a smooth, dense, rich and creamy froth.

All-metal Die-casting Housing: Compared to conventional ABS materials, the higher-quality all-metal housing provides extremely high strength and an attractive luster.

Espresso machine


BlitzHome BH-CMM5 is a very effective and top-quality espresso machine. It is currently available on the Banggood store at a very good price so don’t miss out on this great offer.

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BlitzHome BH-CMM5 Espresso Machine  Review
Article Name
BlitzHome BH-CMM5 Espresso Machine Review
With the arrival of espresso machines, you can now make coffee to your taste right in your kitchen. What we set to achieve in this article, is to take a closer look at the new BlitzHome BH-CMM5 and see what makes it different from other coffee makers.

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