BlitzHome BH-AP1C Smart Air Purifier Review


Undoubtedly, among the many smart accessories that you can have at home is an air purifier. In the most modern homes in particular, there is a need and an opportunity to improve the air quality in the living room. And who as BlitzWolf can better meet consumer needs. In this article, I will review the BlitzHome BH-AP1C smart air purifier.


The Design

We found the design very attractive. Modern, compact and therefore not bulky, it has a grille at the front where the HEPA filter is located, while at the top we have a control area with an LED indicator, which is a special touch, but also a second grille through which the purging air can flow naturally. The final gem is the LED display at the bottom which, as we’ll see, is not an aesthetic tool, but much more than that. This is an attractive looking air purifier that is cylindrical in shape and allows air to enter at the top where there is a black disc with an interface. At the top is an interface with touch buttons.



So let’s see what to focus on when reviewing the BlitzHome air purifier. Without going around much, although very nice, it is most effective in a room no more than 24 m2 and for this reason, we can define it as very suitable for most modern homes, which are now becoming increasingly compact.

We also have 3 delivery modes: One is automatic, where it does everything itself, speed 1 with moderate intensity, speed 2, with which you can get the most out of the product. There is also a night mode that allows you to use it without disturbing the noise, which does not exceed 26dB. Our advice is to keep it for a shorter amount of time but at speed 2 so you have more than satisfactory coverage.

The mini air purifier does not function with the BlitzWolf app, with which you can monitor the air purifier, but also set various functions (which are also easy to set up manually, as the control panel is so clear). The BlitzHome BH-AP1C smart air purifier features an advanced 360° cleaning of a coverage area of 220 m³/h CADR+30㎡, a space-saving solution for small areas such as corridors, studios, bedrooms, offices, kitchens, animal rooms.



The price-performance ratio is definitely the strength of this BlitzHome BH-AP1C, which combines smart functionality with simplicity, which is also important for beginners. It is important you buy your Air Purifier from a trusted dealer and that’s why I would recommend you visit Banggood to make your purchase.

BlitzHome BH-AP1C Smart Air Purifier Review
Article Name
BlitzHome BH-AP1C Smart Air Purifier Review
The air you breathe is one of the most important things you should put into consideration. Most times the air around us is contaminated but we are not aware. In this article, I will be reviewing the BlitzHome BH-AP1C Smart Air Purifier.

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