Bill Gates’ s House: Miniature of Smart Home


Xiaomi DaFang Smart CameraWith the development of science and technology, smart home has become popular in the world. But what is smart home? Bill Gates’ s house may be the good answer for you.

Bill Gates’ s house which is considered as the smartest house in the world is the integration of the most amazing and advanced tech in the world now. With all the home appliances connected to wireless network, Bill Gate can control his home appliances even he is not at home. More than that, a high-tech secure system has been installed in the Bill Gates’ s house. A number of IP Cameras can shoot every angle of the house. Once a fire happens, the alarm will be sent and the feasible solution will be shown to him.

Xiaomi DaFang Smart CameraSimilarly, Xiaomi Dafang Camera and Xiaomi Xiaofang Camera  also can provide you and your families with high-tech secure. They are equipped with unparalleled advantages which enables them to provide seamless protection for your family.

 Xiaomi Xiaofang CameraBoth Xiaomi Dafang Smart Camera and Xiaomi Xiaofang smart camera are equipped with 1080 FHD, leading you to the enjoyment of the luxury visual experience. More importantly, 10m night vision has been added to them, which allows you to see the home motion clearly even at night. So you enjoy the all-day protection.

In addition, both of them support motion and sound detection so it can function like the secure system of Bill Gates’ s house to send you the alarm once they detect the smoke and CO. Connected through Wifi, they support App control with which you can know your home motion, enjoying the pleasure brought by smart home that Bill Gate does now.

Supporting two-way remote dialogue, they allow you to control your home motion in a particular situation. For example, you can stop your pet’s barking with two-way remote dialogue. And you can scare a thief by talking with your mobile phone.

Although both of Xiaomi smart IP cameras are same in many aspects,  Xiaomi DaFang Smart Camera performs better than Xiaomi XiaoFang camera in the FOV because the former’s FOV is 120 degree while the latter’s is 110 degree. Generally speaking, the bigger FOV is, the broader the vision is.

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