Which is The Best One, BW-SDB1 Smart Soundbar or TaoTronics Smart Soundbar?


There is nothing more disappointing and discouraging than setting aside your free day to just stay indoors and watch TV all day and then the TV speakers produce an irritating sharp sound. I once invited a couple of friends over at my house just to catch up while watching our favorite channels. I was not aware that the low sound quality of my TV would be an issue for them. As I turned on the TV they all changed their moods. From then on, I decided to find a good soundbar. There are two smart sound bars that my friends recommend to me. They are the BW-SD1 Smart Soundbar and the Tao Tronics Smart Soundbar. I will compare the two smart soundbars in the following.

Smart Soundbar

BW-SD1 Smart Soundbar.

At the top, this smart soundbar has control buttons that are easy to use and press. At the back, there is a DC in, coaxial and optical ports. There is also AUX inputs, a USB, and an HDMI port. The device has a Bluetooth connectivity of 4.2. It is a wireless connectivity. Its design is made in that it is long.

Smart Soundbar

The sound quality of the BW-SDB1 smart sound bar is of high quality. It produces a deep sound, with a lot of basses. The best feature about it is that even at its highest volume, it does not produce distortions. It has a 60 watts volume settings, this is a high-end volume for those who like listening when the volume is all loud. It has a special feature that is the multi-scene mode. With this, one can be able to adjust the mode of the speaker according to the content you are watching. For instance, news, sports, movie and also music modes.

It has 6 full range sound speakers and two diaphragms making it produce high-end quality sound. It automatically turns on and off according to the status of the TV. And has an EQ mode that memorizes, in that it automatically moderates the volume. Its design is appealing and looks good on the TV. And it’s a bit expensive but of good quality sound.

TaoTronics smart sound bar.

This is a smart soundbar but more of a Bluetooth speaker. Comes with a wireless remote and touch controls. It has Bluetooth connectivity and can connect to all Bluetooth versions. It can connect to analog sources using the RCA jacks but for more quality sound one can connect a digital source using an optical port.

Smart Soundbar

It has a 40 watts volume output ideal to fill a room. Its bass is good and clear with no distortions. But if you are looking for a 5.1 sound system then TaoTronics is not fit for you.

TraoTronics smart sound bar is for those who want to upgrade from their TV speakers to a better quality sound producer without spending much of their money as it is a bit cheap. Moreover. It is portable and does not use much space as it can be mounted.

In conclusion, a smart soundbar speaker is a great option to upgrade from the low sound quality of your TV speaker. However, if you are the kind that loves the 5.1 surround system then BW-SD1 smart sound bar is the best option. But if you are the kind that just needs a little upgrade but good quality sound than that of your TV then TraoTronics is there for you.


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