The Best Day of PUPPYOO is on Banggood Brand Day!


Not all vacuum cleaners are made equal. If you desire to own the best of the best vacuum cleaners in China, you go to only one brand: PUPPYOO!

China’s most famous robotic vacuum cleaner brand, PUPPYOO has been offering high-quality products since 1999. They are the first company to sell hands-free robotic and giant 80L vacuum cleaners in China. Their products are known for their extreme durability and dust-free consumable features.


PUPPYOO’s landfall in Banggood

China’s most famous robotic vacuum cleaner finally expands to the online markets! PUPPYOO will now become one of the newest brands to join Banggood on January 23rd, 2018. The brand will promote their latest product, the PUPPYOO WP511 vacuum cleaner, to consumers worldwide on Banggood Brand Day.

On this day, PUPPYOO will be offering the lowest prices for their high-quality vacuum cleaners. They also plan to sell limited edition accessories as part of their brand promotion for These are all part of PUPPYOO’s plan to make a big splash as their first impression to Banggood consumers!


What’s in store for Banggood Brand Day?

On Banggood Brand Day, PUPPYOO will be releasing their latest product, the PUPPYOO WP511 at the lowest price that you can imagine! But, what is the PUPPYOO WP511 and why should you have it?

The PUPYOO WP5111 is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner of the most reliable suction power. It has a 7000pa suction power to ensure your floors will be free of any dirt and grime. It can switch to a cordless vacuum cleaner in a matter of seconds as a courtesy of its 2 in 1 function.

The PUPYOO WP511 has additional features that you are sure to love. It has a built-in LED searchlight so you can see through the dark gaps under any furniture. This vacuum is very easy to use, extremely convenient and has an attractive design. There will never be a day that you won’t use this product!

  2-in-1 vacuum cleaner

Why should you go to Banggood Brand Day?

If you love discounts and high-quality products, then you should never skip Banggood Brand Day!

Banggood Brand Day has been known to introduce high-quality, trusted brands to consumers worldwide at the most affordable discounts! On this day, you get to be first eyes to see the newest brands like PUPPYOO and their amazing products. You will be amazed at what these brands are actually made of!

If you want to know more about PUPPYOO, then this activity is the perfect opportunity to see what they got! PUPPYOO will be promoting their brand matrix on Banggood Brand Day to showcase their products and upcoming creations! You don’t want to miss PUPPYOO’s grand entry on this exciting day, so come and join us on Banggood Brand Day!

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