Best Coffee Maker for Outdoor Camping


When you are camping outdoors in forests or mountains in chilly weather, there is nothing warmer than warmth from a cup of hot coffee. But again you do not want to compromise on the best taste and aroma that can wake you up from the inside. That is something that is not possible when you are preparing coffee in a regular vessel. So what you need is a coffee maker that is convenient to use outdoors while on a camping trip. What matters here is the quality and design of the coffee maker pot, so you can easily make your coffee anywhere including even camp fire. Today, I will share an amazing camping coffee maker with you.

 camping coffee maker

Anodized Aluminium

The camping coffee maker is made of anodized aluminum that makes it scratch resistant. So it looks new even after using it for several times. And the aluminum quality makes this coffee maker sturdy and hence it can last longer. Therefore, the durability also allows you to use it over the raw fire, electric stove, gas or kerosene powered stoves too.

 camping coffee maker

Compact and Light Weight

This coffee maker pot is compact in size and light weight, so you can easily carry it in your backpack. It comes with a pot and two cups that perfectly fits the quantity. The capacity of the coffee maker is 350ml which is quite sufficient for two. It is suitable for various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, adventure trips, etc.

camping coffee maker

Fast Preparation Time

Since it is made using anodized aluminum, cleaning is very easy too. And due to its good thermal conductivity, the preparation time is very less. This camping coffee maker comes with screw thread processing at the bottom that makes heat absorption even faster. So you do not really have to wait long before relishing a hot cup of your favorite coffee. There is a pressure releasing valve given on the side that makes it quite safer and also indicates that your coffee is ready. This coffee maker can be used with all types of coffee powders available in the market.

coffee maker pot

Clear Coffee to Dispense

It comes with dense filter layer that ensures no particles pass through. It retains even the tiniest coffee dust within and hence you get clear coffee in your cup. The camping coffee maker comes with two cups that easily fits on the surface over the coffee maker pot. You get two different cups with different capacity to suit your need. The stylish design and stunning black color create a perfect impression when you are in a group. There is a stainless steel dispenser pipe outlet that is convenient to fill the cup placed over the pot.

coffee maker pot

Easy to Use

This compact and sturdy coffee maker is also very easy to use too as the only thing you need to do is to fill water in the top compartment and coffee powder in the bottom and keep it over the stove or fire and wait for the steam to come out. Once finished using, just rinse it with water and wipe using a dry cloth or tissue paper and you are good to put it back in your bag.

coffee maker pot


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