Best Budget Xiaomi Projecters for You to Create Your Home Theater


One of the best 4K projectors can momentarily elevate your home entertainment setup. A home theater projector is a powerful (and sometimes relatively inexpensive) solution when you don’t want a giant 75-inch 4K TV to dominate your home, but you do want a great, immersive, cinematic experience while watching movies or sports. In this article, we will consider the best home theatre projector.


Wambo T2 Max Projector

Let us take you on a journey through testing the exciting and newly published Wanbo T2 Max projector. The Wanbo T2 Max is a smart and practical projector that is suitable for various segments of the consumer space. The simplicity of the design hides the beauty. It comes in a sleek contrasting white and black design and pairs well in any living room with slightly innovative interior design options.

T2 Max

Design and Display

Wanbo T2 shows a beautiful design. Dust cannot change the image, which will affect the projected image with black dots. Cool air enters and exits the front of the projector to dissipate heat. In the case of paintings, it is possible to display a diagonal of 40 to 120 inches. The Xiaomi x Wanbo projector also has two speakers with three watts each. However, don’t expect full speaker immersion. They’re certainly useful, but you’ll have to use external speakers to get the full experience. Finally, there is a place under the Wanbo T2 to attach the legs. This is very useful for elevating the projector’s position.
The light source of the Wanbo T2 Max projector is 150 ANSI lumens and it is equipped with 1080 pixels resolution. The device is capable of producing an image measuring 40 to 120 inches at a distance of 1.5-3.0 meters. The projector has to focus manually and the scroll button is on the back. It additional allows ±40° vertical keystone correction.

Xiaomi projector

Multimedia and Interface

The Wanbo T2 Max projector incorporates all the basic interfaces you desire in a small portable projector. You have HDMI 2.0, AV, and USBV2.0. This projector runs Android 9.0 so you can use it to watch your favorite content from popular streaming services like YouTube.

In terms of internal storage, the Wando T2 Max has 8 GB of internal storage. This may seem to limit somewhere, but you can always play your videos from a USB flash drive or wirelessly transfer videos from your phone directly to the Wanbo T2 Max projector.


XIAOMI Wanbo X1 Projector

Xiaomi often cooperates with other brands to develop interesting products. One such is the partnership is with the Wanbo brand and the production of an affordable projector called the Xiaomi Wanbo X1.


Design and Display

The body of the Xiaomi Wanbo X1 projector is crafted in white plastic with a measurement of 220 x 185 x 80 mm and a weight of 1 gram. This is a smaller home theatre projector that lends itself to portability.
The manufacturer has implemented a reasonable HD (1 x 280 pixels) resolution considering the price. The lens itself has a brightness of 300 ANSI lumens with PM2000:1 contrast. The manufacturer promises the life of the LED itself up to 20 hours.
It is possible to select images in the older classic PM16:9 or PM4:3 ratio. Focusing is done manually using the adjustment wheel. The minimum distance to a wall or screen is 1.2 meters and the projector can produce images from 40 to 180 inches.



In the area of aspect ratio, the Wanbo X1 measures at 1.35:1, from 1.5 meters the diagonal is 40 inches, at 2.5 meters it is 80 inches, and at longer distances, diagonals up to 120 inches are possible. Diffuse imaging technology does not project the image directly into the eye as in conventional displays, but onto a light source reflector.


Dual 3W speakers

Wanbo X1 is accompanied by two speakers for top-quality surround sound even in large rooms. Two 3W speakers ensure clear sound, high and low levels. The Xiaomi Wanbo X1 universal projector is packed with an efficient cooling system and all the necessary connections for comfortable video playback: HDMI, AV, USB, and 3.5mm audio connection.


Service Life

The service life of the Xiaomi Wanbo X1 laser light source has been increased to 20,000 hours, which limits service cost and maintenance, and wear and tear compared to analog lamps. Companies can significantly reduce their spare parts inventory and minimize the possibility of downtime.


There you have it. Those are the best budget projector that you can go for when you want to create your home theatre. To purchase these items, I will recommend you purchase them during the Banggood 15th Anniversary Sale which will see all products being sold at the lowest prices and you can get up to 85% discount. The sale commences on August 25th and ends on September 13th. Banggood is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

Best Budget Xiaomi Projecters for You to Create Your Home Theater
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Best Budget Xiaomi Projecters for You to Create Your Home Theater
It is good you go out to see a movie with your family but nothing beats having your own home theatre. That is why in this article, we shall be reviewing some of the best budget Xiaomi projectors that will help you in creating your home theatre.

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