Benefits of having a DT-NS01 Bedside Cabinet.


The bedroom has become not only a place where you sleep in; it’s by far a comfort zone for many people. Therefore, besides the bed, having an all-purpose bedside table is a must. Whether small or large, bedside tables are both functional and aesthetics-boosters.

The DT-NS01 Bedside Cabinet is perfect for placing a bedside lamp, which is useful when reading your favourite novel before bed or when moving around the room during the night, placing small things like watches and rings.

So why should you have a DT-NS01 Bedside Cabinet?

DT-NS01 Bedside Cabinet

Its design

The table top is extra thick and hard-wearing in rustic style that gives the nightstand a vintage elegant look and a high degree of stability and its Printed Pattern Surface improves slip resistance and texture touch and is waterproof and abrasion-resistant. This makes it safe for you in case of spillage.

The sturdy steel frame is not only high in rustproof, strength, and anti-scratch but also can keep the table long-time aesthetic. Hence no need for replacement in a long time.  You do not have to worry about your floors as its 4 adjustable legs make it easy for levelling on uneven floors and to protect them from scratches.

Open Storage Compartment

The front storage box has a 2-layer design, which is very suitable for holding bedside items such as books, magazines, and notebooks, while the top of the spacious storage box above can accommodate stylish lamps or desk clocks. After using the Internet, you will definitely need a place to put away your laptop. A bedside table is a perfect solution. You can put away the laptop without the need to get out of bed.

DT-NS01 Bedside Cabinet

 Round Corner Design

The round corner design of the DT-NS01 Bedside Cabinet makes it fit comfortably in all spaces. It also makes it possible to avoid knocking accidentally which makes it much safer for a family with children. The table top is also extra thick and its rustic style gives the nightstand a vintage elegant look and a high degree of stability for its rounded design.


Buying a bedside table can be both a walk in the park or a complex deal, depending on what you want, your room décor, and your budget. It is important to keep one thing in mind, always go for quality. It may cost a bit more but will certainly is worth it. This is what you get with the DTNS01 Bedside Cabinet






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