BEE APP: Earning Not Only Cashback But Also Commissions 


In recent years, there have been many affiliate apps or something of the sort that is very popular among people in the world. Most of them can allow us to shop online by saving more or even earn money by offering an exclusive great coupon and cashback. However, which one can benefit us the most has puzzled me the other days. Luckily, I found the BG Bee app when I was trying to buy something from Banggood, which gave me a completely new understanding of such kind of app.

BG Bee app 

Tried to search Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Global Version on the Bee app, and I got an exclusive coupon ($5 off) which allowed me to get it at only $173.19 and I also got $5.93 cashback when I finished buying. And what makes me excited most is that it also allow me to earn commissions by sharing the product link or inviting someone to join, your team. The bigger the team, the higher the commission you will receive. It means that I can earn more with this app but not just when buying.

BG Bee app 

Let me introduce how it works in detail, 

Cashback on every product you purchase-every time you place an order, you will receive a cashback on your account after the shipping is complete.

Coupon codes- look for promo codes offered and match with the product that’s on promotion. You will get amazing discounts.

BG Bee app 

Commission- anytime you share available deals with friends and family and they get to place an order of the shared deal, you get commissions in turn.

Team commission share- any person you invite and place an order becomes a member of your team. If they refer other people and they place an order you earn a little reward commission. The bigger the team, the higher the commission you will receive. With a team size of 0-5 members you get 1 star, 10-500 members you get 2 stars and above 500 members you get a 3 star.

BG Bee app 

About Bee App

BG Bee is an app created by Banggood for people to shop and save more by getting cashback and exclusive coupons as well as earning a commission by teaming with others. With Banggood’s large product selection and technology support, it offers a way for people to generate revenue without leaving your couch. Now click here to by downloading the BG-Bee app at play store or apple store and start earning with the referral code(0axada) and you can also join by using a referral code from a friend. Don’t forget to invite your friend to these great deals when you join to get the team commission share.


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